Getting vaccinated can be expensive; Experts warn of danger

Since the start of vaccination in January, people have been using it indiscriminately. Getting vaccinated does not mean that you are immune to corona. In big cities like Mumbai and Pune, the threat of corona is increasing day by day.

According to information published in the journal Human Behavior, the risk of corona will not be averted even after vaccination in densely populated and overcrowded areas, experts said. The study was conducted by the University of Southampton in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. A joint study of vaccination and social distance was conducted in China to prevent the second wave of corona. This research predicts the effects of corona on low, medium and high population cities. According to the data, social distance along with vaccination is equally important to prevent coronary heart disease in medium and densely populated cities unless herd immunity is developed in citizens. If vaccination is carried out properly in low population cities, there will be no need for social discrimination. 

In cities with medium and high density populations, both vaccination and social discrimination need to be implemented together to prevent possible coronary heart disease as well as to create herd immunity among the citizens. The researchers explained that if the Social Distancing option is strictly enforced for a short period of time, its effects will be seen in the medium to long term.

According to the 20211 census, the population of Mumbai is 1.84 crores.

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