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Greater mayor and commissioner a decision in discussions: Government increased 20 percent rates without asking the RTPP Act without asking the RTPP Act

A decision of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater Mayor Dr. Soumya Gurjar and Commissioner Mahendra Soni has come under great discussion. Last year, both of them increased the rates of a firm working in the municipal corporation by 20 per cent without permission from the government. While the tender of this company ended in the year 2015 and since then the Municipal Corporation is continuously extending the time period of its work. The tender of any company or firm under Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Rules (RTPP) cannot be extended more than three times.

Recently in an audit made by the local fund audit department It was revealed that the work period of M / s Oswal Computers and Consultant Company on behalf of Municipal Corporation Greater was increased 8 times from 2015 to 2017. In view of this, the department has sought a reply from the Municipal Corporation by creating an audit paragraph and also wrote a comment note to the controlling agency who cradles the RTPP Act. Do not increase the honor of the experts of the ARTPP Act, then any government agency takes any work at a contract rate, so that company is given work only till the scheduled time. After this, if the agency increases the work period of that company, it can increase the maximum three times. Work period is also increased in the same condition when the tender process is not being done, as well as it is seen that the rates of that work in the market are not affected. In such a situation, if the work period is increased, then the government also cannot increase its rates and if it does, then it increases the maximum 5 percent.

Audit para will be answered < P>

Commissioner Mahendra Soni says on this matter that we had tendered twice, in which two firms came, but due to technical reasons the tender was disqualified by the committee. If an audit para is made on it, it will be answered.

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This company provides internal software network service in Municipal Corporation Greater Is. The Municipal Corporation’s online file trekking system, creating birth-death certificate, providing computer operators, hardware machinery.

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