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Gundai of guards will not run in Haryana: Go Raksha Sangathan will be formed in every district; Gurugram will start, officers will also be involved

Haryana government will now control Gundai on the name of cow protection in Haryana. For this, the government is going to form a government of Go Raksha Sangathan in every district. As an experiment, it will be done from Gurugram, which is called the financial capital of the state. The government will also include officials in this organization. The Gurugram administration is going to meet on 17 March. After this, the government will formulate an action plan for other districts.

so the decision had to be taken?

The government was exposed after the involvement of alleged cow guards in the death of two suspects of cow-smuggling in Haryana. One has to work on this side. In this case, many pictures have been revealed with police and government officials in which the presence of criminals has surprised. After this, the government is seriously considering the matter.

notifications issued in 2021

In July 2021, the government of Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana to stop smuggling of cows. A notification was issued to set up a state level special cow protection work force committee. In this notification, arrangements were made for preventing cow slaughter, and taking legal action against people involved in such activities and rehabilitation of stray cattle. However, even after this, there is no work on the ground in this case. There has been a big disclosure about the guards in the case of two youths being burnt. Police intelligence report has revealed that a large network of cow guards in the state is working. About 20 thousand youths are connected to Bajrang Dal, Goputra Army Haryana and Gauraksha Dal. However, it has been said by the Haryana government that these gauraks are not part of the official task force of the state.

unemployed youth target

Haryana Police and Intelligence Department said that Unemployed youth are targeted to make a gaurakshak in Haryana. Some activists associated with the organization said that unemployed youth are being connected with these organizations at the district level. According to sources, the background of these youths is also being investigated at the time of being included in the organization.

not part of the official task force As a cow task force was formed with DSP. Haryana Gau Seva Commission chief Shravan Garg says that these youths associated with organizations work on their own free will for thousands of people. Registered or ID cards are not issued by the government to such workers.

Gaurakshak coming in contact with criminals

some police officials said that some such facts also revealed They have come, according to which the guards are also coming in contact with some criminals. Criminals are sharing their personal numbers to these youth and assuring all possible help. Many youths are carrying out major incidents on the instructions of these criminals.

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