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H3N2 influenza danger in UP: Long queues in hospitals OPD, facility of investigation only in KGMU and SGPGI

The risk of H3N2 has increased in UP. The number of patients with fever and cough-joy is continuously increasing. Meanwhile, long queues are being seen in the OPD of government hospitals. On Monday, a huge crowd of patients and timbers in Lucknow hospitals once again gathered.

Although it is a matter of relief that very serious patients have not yet been revealed in Lucknow. In a month, more than 15 samples of samples in KGMU have been positive for H3N2. Meanwhile in the same SGPGI, no patient reports have been found positive. Here also 3 to 4 samples are being sent daily to check the H3N2 virus.

kgmu and sgpgi have the facility of checking in

Government hospitals do not have the facility to check the influenza H3N2. . This has made it difficult to detect infection. Concrete steps have not been taken yet to increase the facility of investigation. Patients have to bear the brunt of this. On the basis of symptoms, patients are being provided treatment. Currently, apart from KGMU, SGPGI is also available in SGPGI in Lucknow. There is no need to recruit in. Nor have serious symptoms appear in a patient. Other symptoms including cold, cold, fever, sore throat, cough were seen. Samples of people were taken under suspicion of influenza H3N2. Samples were sent to KGMU. The report has come positive.

deepened H3N2 crisis in government hospitals, the number of patients with symptoms of Influenza H3N2 is increasing. A large number of colds, colds, fever, sore throat, weakness and other problems are coming in OPD. Doctors are advising these patients. Other investigations including pathology and radiology are conducted. Doctors and employees do not have prevention of prevention from influenza H3N2. Doctors and employees have not yet been vaccinated. First swine flu H1N1 and influenza H2N1 infection vaccines are also installed.

15 people report came positive Apart from all the investigations, H3N2 is also investigated. About 250 samples will be tested throughout the month. This time the investigation report of samples of about 10 to 15 patients has come positive. But these are not a alarming or panic situation. These patients did not need to be hospitalized. Patients are getting rid of the disease in one to two weeks.

150 samples check in a month

Dr. Ujjwala Ghoshal, Head of SGPGI’s Microbiology Department, said that 5 daily – 6 samples are tested for H3N2. But there are no positive reports coming in the last 15 days. However, even after the report comes positive, the patient is cured by normal treatment.

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