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Holi Milan of Chandra Chandranu Samaj: Phag song sung among families, involved in the program of doctors and scientists

Holi Milan program of Chandra Chandranu Samaj was organized in Raipur. The program was conducted by the officials of the Raipur unit of the society. As a special guest, doctors and scientists of the society reached this program. Which are serving in different areas. Satyanarayana Chandra, Dr. Chauleshwar Chandrakar, Dr. Tandesh Chandra, Meteorologist HP Chandra, Bodh Ram Chandra arrived as the chief guests. He also sung the songs sung in the villages. Women presidents of Ekai, Usha Chandra, Uma Chandra, Lata Chandra, Pushpa Chandra and Basant Chandra were also present in the program. In the program, everyone greeted each other with gulal. The program was conducted and thanksgiving by Guru Sharan Chandra.

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