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How does the Website Work?

How does the website work

Hey guys, this is Bhanu Stark. In the previous post, we knew that How does the Internet work. In this post, we will know that how does the website work.

As we knew (in How does the Internet work) we download data from the server on our web browsers.

What type of file is that downloaded data from the Internet?

That is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, what we see on the web browser. Apart from this images, videos, gifs (animations), and sounds can come on the web browser.

Because of these things, web page design is done.

You may already know about images, videos, gifs, and sounds but you may not know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, what is it, and what does it do?

What is a web browser?

So first of all we need a web browser to open any website or web app. That web browser can be:

Browsers are software that downloads data from IP addresses and shows you them in the web browser. And the data is downloaded in the form of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The browser renders that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and show it in the browser. Any website’s design and behavior depend on these files.

But the question is:

What do HTML, CSS, and JavaScript do?

You may have also a question, why there are 3 types of files? Why can’t one file be used to create a website?

Because different files have different functions.

What does HTML?

HTML is responsible for the structure of your website. The HTML files create the structure of web pages.

For example – If we suppose that your house is a website then HTML will be window, gate, wall, and roof.

So you can add images, buttons, text boxes, heading using HTML on your website.

What does CSS?

CSS is used to design or style your website that how it will looking or be visible.

For example – If you are building a house then CSS will be like a painter or a decorator.

Like you paint the walls of your house or you style your floor and roofs. The same work is done by CSS for websites.

If you will use CSS on your website then it will specify the design of your website.

So if you have used CSS on your website and you have added a button to it and you want to set the background color of that button should be RED and text color should be white then you can do it easily using the CSS.

What does JavaScript?

The final component of any web page is JavaScript. JavaScript code defines the behavior of any website like how your website will work.

Example – If you are creating a house. Then how electricians and plumbers do work for your house then the same thing JavaScript does for your website.

JavaScript makes working what you see on the front-end (what you see on the screen) of any website.

Even JavaScript can modify the front-end in front of you and can do anything with the HTML.

That’s all in this post.

Watch video of How does the website work on YouTube

We will be coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in upcoming posts.

Then we will host them live on the internet.

Bye-bye, see you soon 🙂

How does the Website Work?

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