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How to hack mobile phone & How to prevent it

There are a lot of way to hack mobile phone. We use our phone daily and many important data and information we save on our mobile phones. If mobile phones have advantages then it have disadvantages too. So in this post we’ll see, How to hack mobile phones?

This post is only for education purpose.

How to hack someone’s mobile phone?

If you want to hack mobile phone remotely then the victim should have internet connection and you have too. There’s a lot of ways to hack mobile phone remotely.

  1. Midnight Raid
  2. Using Key-logger
  3. Phishing
  4. Using spy app
  5. Using free WiFi
  6. Through SS7
  7. SIM card hacking
  8. Bluetooth hacking

Midnight Raid

Hack mobile phone without being noticed using Midnight Raid. This is a popular technique to hack mobile phones. It’s name Midnight Raid so because attacker attack on phone when user asleep. In this attack, you have to send a push message to target mobile phone like “you have been hacked”. Once the target user tap on your push message, the crucial information will be sent to you.

Steps to attack using Midnight Raid:

  1. First, you need to send a push message to target mobile phone like “you have been hacked”. Send this message at night when the user is not active on his mobile.
  2. After seeing this push message, the target user will get alert and tap on this message.
  3. Then target user will be redirected to your spy app to download and install it.
  4. Once your target mobile phone have that spy app then you can see his contact, message, call logs and more crucial information.

In this method you need to have little technical knowledge.

Using Key-logger

Key-logger can log your pressed/tapped keys or buttons. You type usernames, passwords, credit/debit card numbers, cvv, expiry dates, messages and more such things. Then if hacker gets your key logs then hacker can get your such crucial information. So if you want to hack using this attack you need to follow these steps.

Steps to attack using Key-logger:

  1. Firstly, you need to find any key-logger app on the internet. You can use Hoverwatch or iKeyMonitor.
  2. Then install the Key-logger to victim’s mobile phone.
  3. Access your control panel from your PC there you’ll see all pressed keys.

Every different Key-loggers have different control panels where you’ll see the pressed keys.


Phishing is way as real phishing people do. It is a type of social engineering attack where hacker steals user data, username password credential and credit card numbers.

Steps to attack using Phishing technique:

  1. Clone that page where user submit his credential. If you want to hack Facebook then clone Facebook login page.
  2. Program that page’s login form to store login credential to your database or your file.
  3. Upload these page and files to your hosting provider.
  4. Share the URL of that page to your victim.
  5. Once your victim will open your page he will think that page is of Facebook and he’ll enter his username, password.
  6. Then his username and password will stored to your database or file.

For this attack you’ll have a good technical knowledge.

How to prevent mobile phone from hacking

  1. Encrypt your mobile phone
  2. Lock your SIM card
  3. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi
  4. Use Anti-virus
  5. Remove unusual apps
  6. Check app’s unusual permissions
  7. Don’t install apps from unknown source

Encrypt your mobile phone

You should use a good screen lock like pattern lock, password lock or pin lock on your mobile phone. The advantage of this lock is, when you’ll lose your phone then nobody can access to your data and information.

Lock your SIM card

If you have not locked your SIM card. Someone can remove SIM from your phone and then he’ll insert into his phone then he can receive OTP on that phone using your phone number. Then you can lose your accounts which will be connected to the phone number.So you should always use a pin code to your SIM card.

Turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi

You should always keep off your Bluetooth and WiFi when that is not in use. And also don’t connect to unknown device’s Bluetooth or WiFi.

There are many types of attack can be happen using your open Bluetooth and WiFi. So keep it off.

Use Anti-virus

You should also keep an Anti-virus to your mobile phone, which will protect you from malicious apps. Anti-virus’ also scans your files if any virus you have.

Remove unusual apps

If you are not using some apps and you have installed that into your phone, then you should remove that. Because if you’re not using that. Then you may have that app outdated. And outdated apps may have bug or security issues. So remove them.

Check app’s unusual permissions

If you have some apps that don’t need permission what that app have or that app asks then you should remove app or deny the unusual permission.

For example, If a file manager app asking for location permission then you should deny that because that is file manager app not a map app. These type of apps can get your information and data from your mobile phone using that permission. And then they can sell it for money.

Don’t install apps from unknown source

You should download app only from mobile phone’s app store. If you are using an Android Phone then you should always install apps from Google Play Store. And if you are using an iPhone then you should always install apps from Apple app store.

Google Play Store and Apple App Store check apps, if they have any malicious code. So if you are installing any app from unknown source then that could have malicious codes which can hack your crucial information.


So these are ways of hacking and preventing your mobile phones. I hope you’ll like it. I am not saying that I have everything captured in this post. There are a lot of ways of hacking and I can not write all of them in just one post. And I don’t know every attacks.

From my mind, What I know, I have written in this post. So comment down, what do you think and Keep coming here 🙂

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