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‘If our government is formed, we will distribute weapons license for free’: Former Union Minister Nagmani said- our society in danger, sell land; Buy weapons

If our government is formed, we will distribute arms licenses for free. More than 50 people of Kushwaha society have been killed in the last one and a half years. Our society is in danger. Sell the land and buy weapons from the money you get from it. This is to say of former Union Minister Nagmani. He said that all the people of our society need to have licensed weapons.

Nagmani’s wife has also been a minister in the Bihar government. He himself is the son of big socialist leader Jagdev Prasad and has appealed to his society that our society is in danger. Buy all the revolvers and rifles in defense of the danger.

Nagmani did not stop here, he also claimed that if our government was formed in 2025, we will distribute free licenses to all. He said that the way weapons are sold in America and weapons are sold. Similarly, if our government is formed, weapons will be sold at the shop.

former central Nagmani, who left almost all the parties, says that recently a leader of a Kushwaha society was killed in Patna City. This murder has been done by people of other society. While that area of Patna City is the stronghold of Kushwaha society.

Kushwaha society is no longer safe. We request that people of Kushwaha society must take a rifle license. If there is a shortage of money, then sell your land and take a rifle license. So that you protect yourself.

Nagmani said that if the government and administration had given security, such a large number of Kushwaha society leaders would not have been killed. Nagmani said that the government and administration are not able to provide security. This is the reason why the leaders of Kushwaha society are being killed. He said that as soon as our party’s government is formed, free licenses will be available on the lines of America. Buy a gun from the market and protect yourself.

Former Union Minister said that if every person has a weapon, then no crime will be done. If both sides have a rifle, neither you will shoot nor we will shoot. All will be safe. He said that if our government remains, the license will be free to the people of all caste community.

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