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After 5 months in Bhilwara, Corona infection has spread its legs. Three corona positives have emerged in the district on Tuesday. After which the medical department officials have been alerted. After the infection came to the fore in the festival season, the authorities have appealed to the people of the district to be careful and safe.

Deputy CMHO Dr. Ghanshyam Chawla said that 3 patients suffering from fever in the hospital The sample was investigated. The report of these three has come positive. Among them, there is a 42 -year -old youth resident of Mandalgarh. The 8 -year -old girl is a living in Mandal and 2 months innocent Rico area of Bhilwara. The three patients are undergoing treatment at the hospital. He said that positive patients were revealed in the district on 9 October 5 months ago. After this, no patient came forward. Now on Tuesday, after three patients surfaced, the concern has increased once again.

Dr. Chawla has appealed people not to be negligent in winter, cold and fever. Get the doctor checked on time. So that the disease can be prevented from moving forward. And the chain of infection stop here.

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