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Investigation of Vitamin B-12, D-3 and B-9 in JLN starts: Examination will be free, patients of 4 districts will get relief

Vitamin B-12, D-3 and B-9 investigations have started free on Monday at JLN Hospital in Ajmer division. The inauguration was made in the Biochemistry Department by other doctors including Principal Dr. Veer Bahadur Singh, Hospital Superintendent Neeraj Gupta, Senior Doctor Anil Saamaria, Principal of JLN Medical College. This free investigation will now provide relief to the patients coming from all the four districts of the division. Inaugurated. This investigation will now be available free of cost to the patients. Till now it was done at private investigation centers, which cost about 3 thousand rupees. All three are tested by blood, due to deficiency of vitamin B-12, patients become depression, weakness and lethargy, anemia. Lack of vitamin D-3 reduces rickets and vitamin B-9 deficiency in physical growth, hair white, ulcer diarrhea. Principal of JLN Medical College Veer Bahadur Singh said that the latest investigation which patients need nowadays, which had been demanding for a long time. Which was duly launched on Monday. It was being tried for a long time. He said that in the coming time, there will be many more advanced in the hospital, so that the people of Ajmer do not have to get the outside investigations and they do not have to refer them somewhere, the hospital administration is making many efforts.

Doctor VB Singh became the second time principal

Dr. VB Singh has been selected for the post of Principal at JLN Medical College Ajmer. Three doctors had given interviews for the principal, out of which Dr. BP Singh was selected for the second time. Now his term will be 3 years. He was welcomed by all doctors at the hospital on Monday.

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