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Kansu was founded by Rajeev Ranjan Kumar and co-founded by Sudhanshu Mittal & Govinda Kumar in Bhabua, Kaimur, Bihar, India on May 302020. The company started as an online/Offline marketplace for Groceries, fast food. Now, Based in Kaimur district able to go anywhere, we take a completely personalised approach to our delivery service here at Kansu Online/Offline Shopping. Each job is considered on its own basis, meaning that your belongings are cared for as if they were our own. We know that you need your parcel delivered from A-to-B in the fastest possible time, so we make sure that each job is tailored around your wishes. Call +917050009899, 9508793603 today to discuss your specific needs with us.

Fast & Secure Delivery Service

When we deliver goods, we like to guarantee that our staff have access to the highest-grade vehicles and technologies for an easy and convenient service. From our well kept vehicles to the digital tools, our professionals are equipped, trained, and knowledgeable in the latest trends in the sector. Kansu Online/Offline

Shopping with Delivery never compromise on the quality and integrity of equipment, staff, or customer service. We can proudly say that we always deliver.


Sell website & Application

We provide cheap and best website and application with affordable price for user.


Highlights of Employees

  • Rajeev Ranjan Kumar, S/O Kanhaiya Prasad ( FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN OF THE COMPANY ) starts job - 14 May 2020 ( As Excutive and management Officer  ) To Yet ( present).
  • Sudhanshu Mittal, S/O Ravindra Prasad ( CO-FOUNDER ) starts job - 14 May 2020 ( As Chief creative officer and Advisor ) To 30 September 2020 ( Due to professional job :- Now placed at A.profession at Galgotiya college Noida, Delhi).
  • Govinda kumar, S/O Rajendra Ram ( CO-FOUNDER ) starts job - 14 May 2020 ( As Director of delivery service department ) To yet ( present).
  • Rajesh Kumar, S/O Kameshawar Ram, starts job - 30 May 2020 ( Delivery Rider ) To Yet.
  • Amar Kumar, S/O  Kameshawar Ram, starts job - 30 May 2020 ( Delivery Rider ) To Yet.
  • Pankaj Kumar, S/O Shivaji Ram, starts job - 30 May 2020 ( Delivery Rider ) To Yet.
  • Mahesh Kumar, S/O Dhukhi Chaudhari, starts job - 30 May 2020 ( Delivery Rider ) To 15 October 2020 ( Due to Own personal Reasons ).
  • Deepu Kumar ,S/O Subhash Thakur, starts job - 30 June 2020 ( Delivery Rider ) To 20 October 2020 ( Due To Own Reasons ).
  • Amitesh Kumar, starts job 25 September 2020 ( As chief Technical Officer) To yet ( present ).
  •  Supporting Personality :- 
  1. Wakil Ansari, S/O Khurshid Ansari
  2. Amit Kumar, S/O Kameshawar Ram
  3. Pawan Kumar, S/O Narendra Prasad
  4. Gopi Kumar, S/O Shyam Sunder Mali
  5. Shibu Sharma, S/O Vinod Sharma
  6. Mukesh Kumar
  7. Umesh kumar

Now we provide this following services:- 

  • Home delivery service 
  • Web services
  • Tax services
  • Food packaging service


We Are Kansu, we done everything for u..







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