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Keyword Research – Right Guide for Beginners [2024]

The right guide for keyword research for beginner to find the best keywords in 2024.

Before getting deep inside keyword research, lets take a look on the basics about SEO and it’s types.

What are Keywords?

Keywords (or SEO Keywords) are any terms or phrases that someone types on the search engine to find information on the Internet.
They Keywords are the words that leads users to the organic search results and ultimately to the website where they find what they’re searching for.

This is the cause behind finding relevant keywords is so important in SEO. Once you find keywords people use in search engines when looking for things from your niche, you can optimize and adjust your content strategy so that target your keywords. As a result, you will get ranked better and even get more relevant visitors.

The keywords are found through a process is called Keyword Research.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is an SEO process of finding, analyzing and using the keywords which people use to search for information on the Search Engines.

In other words, Keyword Research is about to get the language of your potential visitors and using this knowledge to optimize your content.

Why to do Keyword Research?

Because, it very important to SEO task and a great way to get more relevant visitors to your right content’s niche.

How to do Keyword Research?

This full guide is help you with Keyword Research.

You no need to worry about it. It’s not so hard. Once you understand the basics and learn some proven strategies or some useful tips and tricks. You will also able to do this.

When to do Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is very first step of Search Engine Optimization of any website.

You’ll really need to do this when you are:

  • looking for new niche
  • looking for new content ideas
  • optimizing your existing content
  • not getting visitors

Who should do Keyword Research?

Any website owner, blogger, content creator, digital marketer or SEO specialist.

A short history of Keyword Research

The Keyword Research is the way of SEO which is running from very old time.

In the 2000s, It was often reduced to visiting Google Keywords Planner, finding keywords with the highest search volume and stuffing them into the content text.

This was very easy to get misused to rank with a low-quality content, Google responded with several algorithm updates over the years. The goal of these updates was to understand what the users want and show them with the best possible results.

The very important algorithm updates what made we to do keyword research:

  • Google Panda (2011) – This algorithm penalized thin, low-quality content and duplicate text.
  • Google Venice (2012) – This algorithm started location based results to users.
  • Google Penguin (2012) – This algorithm penalized unnatural usage of keywords.
  • Google Pirate (2012) – This algorithm penalized the copyrighted content.
  • Google Hummingbird (2013) – This algorithm improved semantic search and focus on search intent.
  • Google Pigeon (2014) – It is aimed to rank local, relevant and high-quality results.
  • HTTPS/SSL (2014) – Google ranks them better which are secured with SSL than a non-HTTPS websites.
  • Mobile Update (2015) – Ranking better the mobile-friendly websites.
  • Google Rank Brain (2015) – The Rank Brain algorithm analyzed past searches to determining the best results.
  • Google Possum (2016) – This update made local search more independent of the organic results.
  • Google Mobile Speed Update (2018) – This update ranks those content which are faster in mobile phones. The slower mobile version websites was penalized.
  • Google Medic (2018) – This algorithm penalized disreputed information to protect internet users.
  • Google BERT (2019) – This algorithm uses the context and relations of all words in sentence to find the intent behind it.
Google Search Algorithms
Image Copyright Yoast SEO

Now-a-days, Keyword Research is much more than just finding the right keywords and putting them into right places.

Google is becoming every day better than past day at understanding what people search for. It’s main is to provide the information that satisfy the users needs the best.

In other words, keyword research is becoming more topical now-a-days. It is not about just finding one ideal keyword and use it. It is about understanding the that niche’s users and covering the whole topic in a complex way.

To keep it simple – if the topic is well covered then you can rank for keywords you did not even use it in the text. (This doesn’t mean that keyword research is not longer important. Now just it look different than the past.)

Steps of Keyword Research

I have divided the guide in 3 steps to make it clear and simple.

3 Steps of Keyword Research

Lets get started with these 3 steps in detail.

  1. Finding the keywords
  2. Analyzing the keywords
  3. Using the keywords

Bonus step:

  1. Check your content on page SEO

Links of these three steps will available soon

Keyword Research – Right Guide for Beginners [2024]

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