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Lawyers beat the constable in the police line, VIDEO: Muljim came on appearance with police personnel; FIR on assault lawyers

Kanpur once again beat the soldier fiercely inside the police line. After the video of the case went viral, the police commissioner has ordered an FIR and investigation.

This is not the first case, the police has been attacked about 10 times in the last two to three months. Due to lack of concrete action against the accused, a case of attack on police is coming up one after the other.

The report filed on lawyers after the video went viral

in the police line The court of Kanpur Police Commissionerate remains. Irfan, the constable of Kidwai Nagar police station, came to the court to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon. A group of lawyers tried to assault the accused of indecency. When the constable Irfan tried to rescue the beach, he caught him and beat him. Not only this, the police officers took cognizance of the whole case when the video of the case went viral on social media. After this, the police commissioner ordered an FIR in the case. The constable has given a complaint to the Kotwali police station to file a report against the lawyers.

Police Commissioner BP Jogandand said that an FIR would be lodged against the advocate accused of assaulting the constable’s tahrir. Due to the assault from the police on the day, this time, strict action will be taken against the accused. So that no one could raise his hand on a lawyer or other khaki.

Kanpur is constantly being attacked on the police The lawyers beat the traffic police personnel on the bonnet on 22 November. Just twenty days before this incident, the lawyers had beaten a constable further. Not only this, after the Anwarganj police station in Raipurwa, the bullies were brutally beaten by the bullies over the parking dispute.

PRV was stoned in Chakeri. In this way, the police was attacked more than a dozen times in three to four months, but strict action could not be taken against the accused. Due to this, the process of beating the police continues continuously.

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