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Leopard cub separated from mother: reached near the village boundary, the goat grazing was noticed, now the treatment

A 6 -month -old leopard reached near the village boundary in Losal village of Sariska’s Sariska’s Sariska’s Sariska. On finding out, the forest department team recited. After medical examination, the leopard was placed on the block. The leopard separated from his mother. Due to which there has been a victim of dehydration in the forest.

ccf rn Meena said that the forest team reached the forest near the village on receiving information from the villagers. The Tedu cub was rescued there. The condition of the cub is not good. Medical examination has been done. It will be kept in a little observation. If the condition improves, it will be released back into the forest. Right now the cub is young. He also looked somewhat weak. For this it was necessary to keep it in medical observation. Due to the heat, the small cub has dehydrated. The cub was rescued under the supervision of ACF Pankaj Meena, Van Pal Devendra Meena and Dr. DD Meena.

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