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Life imprisonment to a doctor who slices 500 pieces of driver: Narmadapuram court sentenced; Murdered due to blackmailing and recovery

The court sentenced the doctor who brutally murdered the driver in Narmadapuram, Madhya Pradesh. The doctor, troubled by blackmailing and recovery, had reduced 500 pieces of his body. After this, they were put into a drum filled with acid. On Tuesday, the second Additional Sessions Judge Himanshu Kaushal gave a 97 -page verdict in the Narmadapuram Court. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 on the accused.

The court said that the incident is surely heinous and ruthless, but it cannot be sentenced to death, because the accused is not a criminal record of the doctor. Also, his behavior was fine in jail. Dr. Sunil Minister killed his driver in 2019. Statements of 25 witnesses were recorded in the court. The court ruled on the basis of circumstances evidence and DNA reports. Read the story of the sequential murder of the sequence …

pieces were made from saws, kept to smelle in acid 5 February 2019. Dr. Sunil Minister gave the first sleep injection to driver Veeru Pachauri. On being unconscious, he dragged him to the bathroom. Here he first cut the throat and then cut into small pieces from the sawdust of the body. In the bathroom, he had a bucket, pan and acid in the flesh. In this, the doctor had put pieces of dead body to smelle. The doctor’s neighbors had complained to the police when the odor came. When the police reached there, the murder was revealed. According to the police, the driver Veeru had blackmailed the doctor and recovered a hefty amount. Troubled, the doctor killed him.

Rajkumar Nema said that the body was found in the drum of acid, Rajkumar Nema said that the complainant Laxminarayan had told that his son Virendra alias Veeru Pachauri wife Ranibai along with Jumerati Hoshangabad ( Used to live in Narmadapuram). He was a driver of Dr. Sunil Minister. He had lodged the son’s disappearance in the police. He had expressed suspicion on the doctor. The police had been searching for the driver for four days. Meanwhile, the doctor’s neighbors complained to the police about the smell.

seeing the chopped head and face, the father searched the doctor’s house after receiving the identification. The blue plastic drum kept in a room above was filled with water. It smelled acid from it. In it, the driver’s chopped head and leg, resembling the torso. At the same time, the left legs in the bathroom next to be found, 3 saws and a saw cutting a saw. Seeing the severed head and face of the drum, his father recognized him. The Kotwali police registered a case against Dr. Sunil Minister and arrested him.

The wife of the deceased had given testimony, my house was 25 witnesses in the doctor. The wife of the deceased also made statements. The testimony of the deceased’s wife remained opposite. The wife said that the people of the incident, that is, when the murder took place, the doctors were at my house. It was not clear why the doctor went to the deceased’s wife’s house. However, the body of the driver was found in the doctor’s house in a drum filled with acid. The doctor was found guilty on the basis of evidence, evidence, other witnesses, incident status and DNA report. The said situation is not enough to be given the death penalty. The accused is a doctor. He does not have a criminal record. The doctor has also done public interest work first. He has carried out the incident. The accused is a threat to the society, it does not appear to be. For this reason, this case does not fall under the category of rarest of the rare.

Dr. Minister’s health deteriorated about two years ago in Narmadapuram, sending the accused to Bhopal Jail. For this reason, he was referred to Bhopal, since then he is lodged in Bhopal’s Central Jail. A few months ago, he was brought to the Bhopal Police Narmadapuram on the order of the court. After this, the muscle continued online from Narmadapuram. On Tuesday, the accused was again brought to Narmadapuram Court. After sentencing, he was sent to the Central Jail in Bhopal.

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