Life - the cluster of memories.

Suffering , this is the word that everyone chants to everyone .

But they don't suffering, comes from our expectations.

If you expect something form someone ,he/she wouldn't be able to fulfill your that expectation. Then you feel suffering.


If you love someone from the bottom of your heart know what does it mean. 


You are going to jump into the well of suffering. 

Everyone you have to take tension , care , of that person you love. 

Means you don't want to share that person with anyone.

Don't wanna share his / her feelings with anyone. 

Don't wanna let that person to go anywhere.

Don't wanna let that person to talk with anyone. 


Means , you are thinking ,that person you love ,is your slave. 

His/her duty is just to love you ,that's it. 

Don't you think ,to force someone to love you is not a good thing. 

It is a precious feeling but our attitude , hyper mind .....makes it hell. 

Do love but without any expectation.

Do love but with any clause.

Do love , but you expect that person you love is going to love you. stupor Osama.

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