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LIVE Bihar Assembly: Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu and opposition raised questions on burning of temple in Kishanganj

The proceedings of the budget session of Bihar Legislative Assembly started again on Monday. This is the seventh meeting. The opposition is responding to the government. In the Tamil Nadu case, the opposition questioned the government on the burning of the temple in Bihari laborers and the temple in Kishanganj.

ED and CBI action can create a ruckus ED has been raided on the locations of Lalu family and their close friends. After this, the ruling party is calling it the misuse of government agencies. At the same time, the opposition will try to surround the issue of corruption.

How to assets more than 600 crores

The ruling party RJD was done with a thoughtful conspiracy and a sense of revenge for the entire episode. Is telling action. At the same time, BJP will raise the question in front of RJD as to how Lalu Yadav and his relatives got assets worth more than 600 crores here? The BJP will surround Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav in the Assembly.

there is a possibility of ruckus

ED, IT and CBI. A sharp noise can also be seen on this matter from outside the House to inside the House. At the beginning of the proceedings of Bihar Legislative Assembly, minor and starred questions will be taken under question answers.

At the same time, attention information will also be taken. In the second shift of Bihar Legislative Assembly, budget grants will be demanded for five departments. These include the Department of Education, Department of Parliamentary Affairs, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Information Technology and Labor Resources Department. It will be debated and a deduction proposal will be brought. The meeting of March 6 and March 10 was given to the guillotine. The financial work in these two days of meetings was included in other meetings. Which is called Gilotin. That is, the work done on this day will be done in the meetings to be held on the second day. Therefore, one day the budget grant of five departments is being discussed.

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