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Live Bihar’s big news: 80 houses burnt to ashes due to fire in Munger, a dozen cattle scorched

80 houses were burnt to ashes due to fire in the Ganges across the Ganges in Bhelwa Diara Bind Toli in Munger district. Fire brigade vehicles cannot reach the spot due to being a Diara area across the Ganges. The fire started at 8:00 pm on Sunday night, but no officials have reached here till 9:00 am on Monday. At the same time, a dozen cattle have died in the incident.

Band party -filled pickup overturned in Bhojpur, 15 injured; He was going to Patna to join the procession

A pickup overturned in Bhojpur on Sunday night. 15 people aboard the pickup were seriously injured. The accident occurred near Kulhadia toll plaza in Koilwar police station area of the district on Ara-Patna NH. The pickup van overturned uncontrollably due to the tractor. Musicians, singers, pickup drivers etc. have been injured in the accident. Read full news …

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