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LIVEMP assembly budget session: fake jewelry divided into Kanya Vivah Yojana, Minister accepted; Assured of investigation

After the holidays of Holi and Rangpanchami, the budget session of MP Assembly has started again today. During the Question Hour, Congress MLA from Maheshwar Vijayalakshmi Sadho raised the issue of sharing fake jewelry under the Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra assured the investigation.

Today there is a possibility of uproar over the suspension of Jeetu Patwari in the House. In fact, on the 5th day of the budget session, Congress MLA Jeetu Patwari was suspended by the speaker for the rest of the budget session. The Congress created a ruckus. After this, the session was postponed till 11 am on 13 March. P>


Kamal Nath said that we admitted that we gave 27% reservation

from Sagar-Chhindwara at Vidisha Medical College What happened low seats

? Assuming indecent, the assembly speaker suspended Congress MLA Jeetu Patwari from the entire budget session. The suspension of Patwari was proposed by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra. It was decided by verbal voting. Patwari said after suspension- Our president who is not performing the oath and religion of the Constitution. The Congress party has brought a no -confidence motion against him on the instructions of Kamal Nath. He has run away from discussion. Books and ran away. Because the stealing never shows the mouth, the mouth runs away. You will have to account on 13 March. The decision of this day’s program will decide the Leader of Opposition, Kamal Nath ji and the Congress party.

Narottam Mishra is talking like this. The quarrel is between Shivraj Singh and Narottam Mishra. This battle has been launched by Narottam Mishra against Shivraj ji. Our role is for the public. The things that Narottam Mishra speak, it means that he criticize Shivraj ji. This is being misused by the House in their mutual fight. I have been suspended in their mutual fight. BJP’s mutual fighting is bursting the foreheads of another. All the bandits are fighting among themselves.

I had written what I said …

Questioning the suspension, Jeetu Patwari said- I have written what I said . The same is also in questions. I still stand on the same things. If there was a mistake, he would have expressed regret yesterday. What I said, he said according to the constitution, according to the party. Said in the right words in the restrained language. There was no mistake.

Narottam Mishra and Shivraj ji’s quarrel is suffering the state. The president is becoming his pawn. What the Chairman did, he undemocated the rules in a manner. The party’s decision is my decision. Kamal Nath ji, Leader of Opposition and the party will accept the decision that I will accept.

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