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Mahesh Bhatt said- People used to call me illegitimate children: Father never gave mother’s status to his wife, he always had to live his religion and live

Director Mahesh Bhatt recently arrived in Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘The Invinsables with Arbaaz Khan’. During this, he shared many tragic stories related to his life. During the interview, Mahesh Bhatt said that his childhood was very difficult. Father Nanabhai Bhatt was already married because of this he never gave the status of wife to Jeet-ji Mahesh’s mother. This was the reason that in childhood people used to tease Mahesh as illegitimate children.

Mahesh said that his mother was a Muslim, but his mother had to stay hiding his religion due to his stay in Hindu area. Mahesh of the conversation said- My mother only wanted him to accept my father Nanabhai Bhatt, but because he was already married and had his own family, he had never given his right to his mother. After the father had filled the demand of the mother, vermilion- Maheshmahesh Bhatt, recalling that difficulty, wrote- ‘When my mother died in 1998, her last wish was to be buried according to her religion. When my father came to the funeral with his first wife, he first put a vermilion in his demand. ‘

‘ I was surprised to see this, I kept thinking that they kept thinking that they should do this I was too late. That incident broke me. The mother always wanted the father to accept them in front of everyone, but regret it could not happen. Told that she wanted her to be buried where her mother was buried in the Shia cemetery. Saying this, when I looked at him, his face was completely yellow. He folded his hands and told me to forgive, son, my religion does not allow me to go there. My heart was badly broken by this matter of his. I have to go. The one above can not deny me to give this right. Mahesh admits that his father was a prisoner of his upbringing, but this incident scared him for a lifetime. Talking to him, I still have tears in my eyes. Let us know that the 1998 film is based on the childhood of Mahesh Bhatt, in which actress Pooja Bhatt has played a character based on her mother.

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