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Maoists set fire to 3 vehicles transporting sand: 2 hiva and 1 tractor burnt, diesel tank burst, NH-163 carried out incident

Maoists set up three vehicles transporting sand in the village of Minagachal, located on National Highway 163 due to Babaji in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. After the Maoists have escaped towards the forest. On receiving the information of the case, the soldiers have been dispatched for the spot. The case is of Named police station area of the district.

According to the information, what was the work of sand transport from the Minagchal river in the village of Minagachal. This work was engaged in two hiva vehicles including a tractor. A large number of laborers were also working here. During this time, suddenly the Maoists reached the rural costumes from the forest. The Maoists, who arrived in the number of 4 to 5, took the workers hostage. The workers were taken hostage. Then took their mobile phone from everyone. After which the diesel tanks of the vehicles broke and set the vehicles on fire.

all the Maoists escaped towards the forest after carrying out the incident. After which the workers somehow informed the police about this incident. The soldiers arrived on the spot. However, by then all the vehicles were burnt. After the incident, soldiers are also searching in the area. Workers are also being questioned. It is being told that the vehicle owners have suffered a loss of lakhs of rupees due to this incident.

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