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Metro coaches will come to Bhopal before August: Coaches to be built in Badodara; Minister Bhupendra Singh started the unit virtually

Two big cities of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal and Metro train coaches (bogies) running in Indore will be built in Gujarat. France’s Elstom Transport India Limited will create coach. The unit of the metro train set started on Monday. Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh launched the unit virtually from Bhopal. The minister told the company officials that the dateline of the metro is fixed. Trial is to be completed in Bhopal by 31 August. Earlier, the coaches should be brought to Bhopal.

Minister Singh was going to go to Vadodara first to launch the unit, but he could not go. Therefore, he started the virtual unit from Bhopal itself. By August 31, a 3 coach train will come to Bhopal. A train of the same coach will also come in Indore.

The work of 6.22 km in the ongoing Kambopal in the first route in Bhopal-Indore and 5.9 km long metro route in Indore is going on. There is a target of running metro in Bhopal by September and trial in Indore. Pillar and girder launching work in Bhopal has been completed. Now the work of laying the metro station and tracks is going on fast. The speed of work has also been accelerated in Indore. So that the metro starts appearing before the assembly elections.

81 coaches for Bhopal and 75 coaches of Indore are constructed, Rs 1400 crore. Elstom Transport India Limited is making 81 bogies for company Bhopal and 75 for Indore. These bogies will be special in many ways. There will be three bogies in a train set. 970 passengers will be able to travel in it. Elstom is preparing the bogies in such a way, so that even the passengers can travel even when the crowd grows. Each coach will be 2.9 meters wide and 22 meters long. According to the calculation of passengers, the company will have 8 passengers in one square meter. These include standing and seating passengers. According to this, a bogie is being made worth 970 passengers.

These works of Bhopal Metro to Eight Station AIIMS, Alkapuri, DRM Office, Rani Kamalapati railway station, DB City, MP Nagar Zone-1, Income Tax Building and Subhash Nagar are being built in the underbridge. The work of some stations is starting to appear, while some work is still left. Footover bridges (fob) will be formed at timid places like Rani Kamalapati railway station and DB City.

The third major work of Bhopal Metro Project is of the depot, which is of a stud form near Subhashnagar Underbridge for Rs 323 crore The 26.41 hectares (65.26 acres) of the K are being built on the land. 4 metro trains will be able to stand here simultaneously. There will be not only the maintenance of the metro here, but the controlling system will also be here. Signaling, communication, power supply will be done from here.

Such metro work will be done from Subhash Nagar to Karond after the route of Subhashnagar to Subhashnagar. More than 39 acres of land is being acquired on this route. About 8 acres of different locations will be made on 5 plazas, 6 stations, 4 parking, 2 yards. The old city has an additional parking system. The junction of the metro will be built near Bridge Bogda, both lines will come and meet here. Pul will be underground from Bogda. The first underground station will be built towards platform number 6 of the main railway station. Where the land of Iranian camp has been taken. The metro station of Nadra bus stand will also be underground.

This Metro Metro train in Indore is running fast from Gandhi Nagar to Radisson-Robot Crossroads in the Prorty Corridor. Its length is 17.2 km, in which the work of 5.9 km will be completed first. The work of 11.6 km will be done later. A metro train will be tried in September 2023 on a 5 km route between Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor. Officers are currently involved in completing this work as soon as possible. A total of 16 stations of 17.2 km from Gandhi Nagar to Radisson Station are in priority. There is a plan to complete the work of 6 stations in 5 kilometers from Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor. Metro train is expected to start for everyone by February-March 2024.

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