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Migrant laborer solidarity week from 9 to 15 March: People will be told by Male Sangathan, how BJP filled people

After the Tamil Nadu case, the question of Bihari laborers is arising a lot. Regarding this, Male’s organization ACCTU (All India Central Council of Trade Unions) and AIARLA (All India Agricultural and Rural Labor Association) demonstrated in Patna on Sunday and raised a lot of slogans against BJP leaders. Several leaders and activists including CPI Male Polit Bureau member Dhirendra Jha, MLA Satyadev Ram, Epwa’s leader Saroj Choubey attended. The leaders said that from 9 to 15 March, the migrant laborers will be celebrated and told how the BJP conspired against the workers, intimidated.

BJP leaders conspired conspiracy

On this occasion, Dhirendra Jha said that the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party hatched a conspiracy against the Bihari laborers living in Tamil Nadu. This caused a lot of trouble to the workers. On the very next day, Aiarla’s team visited that area and also raised the matter in the Legislative Assembly. BJP leaders told lies in the Vidhan Sabha and worked to fill the people of the entire Bihar including the House in the name of fake videos. Dhirendra Jha said that atmosphere was created by downloading 30-30 fake videos. It is not the industry, due to which a large number of laborers of Bihar are migrating. Right now the laborers of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana Bihar are migrating extensively on the south side. On Bhaskar’s question, he said that it is true that in 30 years we are raising the question what the Bihar government did to stop the migration of laborers. The agro -based industry closed. But this is what Sushil Kumar Modi has said that outside workers are coming to work in Bihar. The truth is that one and a half crore laborers returned at the time of Korrana. Said that Bihar’s population of three crore, including Permanent Workers, Temper Worker and Seasonal Workers who are working outside. The Modi government put the demand for making central law for migrate workers in cold storage. There is no concern about this in Parliament. He said that the migrant laborer solidarity week will be celebrated from 9 to 15 March.

demonstrated three demands

1. BJP’s lies, rumors and anti-labor Ambani-Adani Parsti should be opposed and BJP leaders should be arrested. 2. Make central law to guarantee migrant wages, respect and guarantee of wages worth living. 3. 200 days work in MNREGA, Rs 600 daily wages and workplace should be guaranteed.

Amitesh Kumar

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