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Modi on a tour of Karnataka for the sixth time in 2 months: Congress said in Mandya- Congress is busy digging my grave, I am happy to build expressway

Two months before the Karnataka assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again reached Mandya and Hubli-Dharwar on a state tour on Sunday. In less than two months, Modi has come for the sixth time in the state. The Prime Minister first did a road show in the Congress-JDS stronghold Mandya and then addressed a public meeting.

Modi in his address targeted the Congress and opposition parties fiercely. He said- ‘Congress and his partner are dreaming of digging the grave of Modi. But Modi is busy in building the expressway. Modi is busy making the lives of the poor easier. The Congress does not know that the blessings of millions of mothers and sisters of the country are Modi’s biggest security shield. The foundation stone of the schemes of the rupee was laid. Apart from this, he dedicated the Bangalore-Mysuru Expressway (NH-275) to the public. This expressway will connect Bangalore-Nidaghatta-Mysore. This expressway, 118 km long, has been prepared at a cost of about Rs 8,480 crore. With this, the journey of three hours will be completed in about 75 minutes. On this expressway, 8 km long elevated corridors, nine large bridges, 42 small bridges, 64 underpasses, 11 overpasses, four road-over-bridges and five bypass have been built. Mysore Expressway …

Bangalore-Nidaghatta-Mysore block of NH-275 has been made 6 lanes.

118 km long project was developed with about Rs 8,480 crore It is. The foundation stone of 4-Len highway was also laid. This 92 km long project will be developed with about Rs 4130 crore. This will help promote the connectivity of Kushalnagar with Bengaluru. Travel time will also be reduced from 5 to only 2.5 hours.

Inauguration of the world’s longest platform will be dedicated to the world’s longest railway platform at the Prime Minister Shri Siddharudh Swamiji Hubli station. It has recently been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. The length of the platform is 1,507 meters i.e. about one and a half kilometers. Apart from this, PM will also inaugurate Hosapet railway station. This station has been developed on the lines of Hampi’s monuments.

See in the pictures, see Development Hosapet railway station on the lines of Hampi’s monuments …

IIT Dharwad will inaugurate PM

After inaugurating several projects in Mandya, Prime Minister IIT will go to Dharwad to inaugurate Dharwad, which has been developed at a cost of more than Rs 850 crore. The foundation stone of the institute was laid by the Prime Minister in February 2019.

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