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More than 100 people arrested in Iran: Most of these government employees, they are accused of poisoning female students

More than 100 government employees have been arrested in Iran. They are accused of poisoning students studying in schools, colleges and universities. Anti -hijab protests started in Iran on 16 September last year. After this, about five thousand students became mysteriously ill.

Iran government investigated the matter after global pressure. It was revealed that slow poison was added to the students’ water. The government took action following the order of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamani. Khamanai had said- whoever is guilty, should be hanged. After this, the pressure on Ibrahim RaiC’s government increased.

Home Ministry said- Investigation will continue- Iran government was insulted after poisoning girls in the world. After this, the investigation and now arrests started. According to the government news agency ‘Irna’- the Home Ministry has made it clear that the investigation of the matter will run long. Evidence will be gathered after questioning the arrested people. It is very possible that some more people should be arrested.

people from many cities of the country have been arrested. According to some reports, most of the arrested people are government employees. According to some media reports, the people who have been caught are pro -government and radical. On how the protests started against him, 22 -year -old Mahsa died in police custody on 16 September 2022. He did not wear a hijab, after which he was arrested. Iran has girls on girls and strict laws to wear hijab.

Police later said- the police did not assault Mahsa. Many girls were arrested on 13 September. One of them was Amini. As soon as she was taken to the police station, she fainted. He later died. However, 6 months have passed for the incident, but protests are still going on in Iran against the government and hijab. Thousands of men are also participating in it.

Iran government is another reason despite signing the United Nations Convention for not giving death sentence to the infamyballs, Iran is included in the top countries where this happens. According to Amnesty International, girls can be punished for death after crossing the age of 9 in Iran. This age is 15 for boys. Between 2005 and 2015, about 73 children have been sentenced to death.

Every youth of Iran, who has been sentenced to death before reaching the hanging plank, spends seven years in jail on an average Is. In many cases it is also 10 years. Under international laws, a person below 18 years of age is banned.

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