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Mother-daughter drowned in Gangnahar in Meerut, death: Family reached to worship in the desire of son, the body of a woman found 4 km away from the ghat

There was a painful accident in Meerut on Sunday morning. Due to foot slipping here, a mother drowned in Gangahar with her 2 -year -old daughter. The crowd gathered on the noise of the husband. Police arrived at the information of the control room and a search operation was conducted. The body of daughter and woman has been recovered. 6 hours rescue ran to find the woman’s body. The body of the woman was found at a distance of 4 kilometers from the scene.

According to the information, Jyoti (32), a resident of Kithauli, came to worship on the old bridge of Puthganganhar with husband Ashish and daughter Bhavya. During this time the woman took the daughter in her lap. Then her leg slipped and drowned in Gangahar with her daughter.

In the desire of son, the daughter lost Diyrohta police station in -charge Ravindra Kumar Singh said, “Jyoti has three daughters. Investigation has revealed that the couple wanted a son. Due to this, a pundit had told to insert the material in the flowing water. Therefore, the couple had reached to worship. People nearby said that the daughter was lost in the desire of the son. . It is alleged that after three daughters, the father was in the affair of a Pandit in the desire of the son. Under his misdeeds, the younger daughter was thrown into Gangahar. However, this has not been confirmed. At present, the police have taken father Ashish into custody. Ashish’s father Dhan Singh has also reached the spot on information. Police is also interrogating Dhan Singh.

Dada said- Pandit had told that the way of birth, Dhan Singh, father of Aashish, said, “His family was taking measures to be a son from a Pandit of Modinagar. . The same Pandit had asked to take a bath in the Ganges at 5 am on Sunday. Today this was the first Sunday, when Ashish went to bathe with daughters in Jyoti Gangnahar. Then the accident took place in the morning. “

Police Station Incharge Ravindra Kumar Singh says,” The woman husband, came to worship with the children. The body of mother-daughter has been recovered with the help of divers. The girl herself fell or thrown. All this will be known only after investigation. “

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