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Multiple Injuri around SI’s wife’s neck: struggle before murder, disclosed in short PM report

Short PM report has come in the case of SI Suresh Khanguda of Special Branch of Bhopal Police Headquarters and his family. The report found a multiple injury around the neck of SI’s wife Krishna. It is being speculated that Krishna must have struggled before the murder. Now the statements of the doctor who treated SI will be taken.

Now this mystery is now in the hair (hair) found in the palm of Krishna’s wife Krishna. The police have sent the hair for a forensic investigation. The police has also sent a sample of Suresh’s hair. With this, the police will be able to prove that Suresh has killed his wife, son Ivan, or there is another killer. After this, the police will start investigating the cause of further deaths. Here, on Monday, the Kolar police station took the statement of SI Suresh Khanguda landlord Manoj Ahirwar. He told that never saw the couple fighting fighting. SI had lived in his house for five years. His entrance was from behind. In such a situation, I could meet rarely. Manoj told that he had been living in his house for five years. Never stated any problem.

Police has also taken statements of the shopkeeper who runs the Kiran shop near SI’s house. He also said that he used to come to get chocolate, toffee for his child. But, never told any problem. She used to roam in the colony due to the passing of SI’s wife Krishna. However, she too never appeared under stress. The police will take the statement of the doctor on Tuesday who was treating SI Suresh. However, in the investigation so far, the police are assuming that Sub Inspector Suresh Khanguda (32) has killed the first wife Krishna (28) and son Ivan (2). Later, he himself jumped in front of the train.

Difision at CCTV at 6:18 pm has also gathered information about SI Suresh from PHQ. On Friday, on the day of the incident, he was imprisoned in CCTV leaving the headquarters at 6:18 pm. At 6:17, he has punched the punch. After this, the police did not see anywhere in CCTV. Police have also searched the cameras of the route from his house to Misrod where he committed suicide. But he did not appear anywhere.

This was revealed in the report

Police has received the short PM report on Tuesday night. In this, Multiple Inzuri has been revealed to Krishna. At the same time, there was no report of SI government laptop. Finger print, forensic report could not be found. Along with this, the call details of both of their mobiles have not come. The police is now waiting for these reports. Right now the statements of the families of both the parties have not been able to be made.

SISURED’s elder brother Gokul Khanguda is a patwari by the profession in three years. Gokul told that Suresh was smart in reading. He did his BSc in mathematics. In 2013, he was selected for the constable. His posting was in Indore. Later in 2016, he was selected in SI. After this, he started living in Bhopal. He was also preparing for UPSC. He was very happy. If there was any problem, I would definitely tell us.

At first sight Krishna fell in love

Gokul told that Suresh’s father -in -law Shivlal Verma was posted in Marfed. He is originally from Brahmin village in Jirapur. We already have a relationship with them. For brother Suresh, we came to Bhopal to see the girl to see the girl for her marriage from village Gundikalan. Then Suresh first met Krishna. The love affair between the two started moving. Both got married in 2017. Krishna studied BCom. She was a housewife.

Sureshasuresh’s in -laws used to leave the wife every day about 350 meters away from her house. He used to leave his wife Krishna in his maiden while going to office every day, where the son used to play with the children of other sisters and grandparents. While returning from duty in the evening, he used to come home with his wife and child. Krishna did not go to the maiden on Friday due to his parents going out. Sudha Verma, who lives in the neighborhood, said that at around 7 pm on Friday evening, Krishna was rotating the child on a bicycle. No one ever informed about the dispute between them. Brother -in -law Harish has also not told the controversy between the two.

SI, his wife and son, who lived in Gundikalan in Gundikalan in the Chitragar district, died in Bhopal on Friday. After the PM of the dead bodies, the family brought the bodies of the three late Sunday evening. After this, the three were cremated. The bodies of SI Suresh Khanguda (32), a resident of Gundikalan, were found in Bhopal, his wife Krishna (28) and son Ivan (2). The last rites were performed at the crematorium in his ancestral village Gundikalan. Seeing three pyre burning simultaneously, the atmosphere of the entire village was seen to be inconsolable. Everyone was shown on the death of the three.

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