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Naxalites murdered villager: Maoists kidnapped and taken along, dead body found in the forest

35 -year -old Ramdev, a resident of Khupatra in Gariaband, was murdered by Naxalites. On Saturday night, three uniformed Naxalites kidnapped him and took him along. On Sunday, when the housemates went out to find him towards the forest, his body was found in the forest bordering Odisha, about 15 km from Amalipadar police station.

Naxalite paper was also found on the spot in which murder The responsibility has been taken by the Udanti Area Committee. The murder has been written on the suspicion of the police informer. SDOP Anuj Gupta confirmed the incident. He said that no marks of outer chont have been found in the body. It seems that the rope would have been strangled. At present, the reason will be clear only after PM. A case has been registered against unknown Naxalites in the case. The SDOP said that there is a Naxalite movement in the Odisha border areas. Therefore, continuous search is being done in the district.

Naxalites have made their presence felt in the district after a long time. Till now the activeness of the Udanti Area Committee was in Shobha and Idagaon police station area. But along with the killing of the villager, the Naxalites have also made their presence felt in the Amalipadar police station area by warning not to inform.

Amitesh Kumar

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