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NEET student suicide in Kota: In the test, there was stress due to low numbers coming and not getting the right food in the hostel.

A coaching student committed suicide in the hostel in Dadabari police station area of Kota. The student was from Bihar. She was preparing for NEET by staying in Kota. He hanged in the hostel. Two days ago, his family came to Kota from Bihar to meet him. It is being told that the low number in the test and not getting food in the hostel were under mental stress. She was living in a hostel in Basant Vihar area of Kota. Last year, he took admission in private coaching. It is being told that the number was running under mental stress due to low number in the test. Recently, when his family came to Kota, he had complained to the family about not getting food in the hostel. After which his parents went to see another hostel. The student hanged from behind. When the family reached the hostel, the girl was found hanging on the noose. He took him down and immediately took him to a private hospital. Where the doctor declared dead.

The father of the student told that Parveen was the youngest of 2 brothers, 2 sisters. Last year, he got his admission done. Her Test had low numbers after which she was under stress. Was explained to him. Was taken to Madam. After that he was confident. He had told that hostels feed well when they live with parents. But do not give good food after parents leave. At the behest of the daughter, she thought of changing the hostel. This morning went to see the hostel at 8:30 in the morning. Returned at around 11:30. His room was closed from both sides. The cooler’s place was a bit open. When the cooler was removed, the daughter was hanging on the hanging. He took him down and immediately took him to the hospital.

Dadabari police station CI Rajesh Pathak told that on March 10, the family had come to Kota. The student hanged the hostel room. Currently, due to suicide, he has not been revealed. The suicide note was also not found. Action is being taken of vessel. The reasons will be revealed only after investigation.

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