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On-line application for mutation appeal ends: Now in old cases from 2006-07, DCLR can file an appeal in the court.

2006-07 deadline has been terminated to apply online in matters of mutation appeal. Now an appeal can be filed in the DCLR court even in the old cases before that. For this, necessary amendments have been made in the software. Jai Singh, Secretary, Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, has written a letter related to this to all the colleges. Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Alok Kumar Mehta said that the requests of Land Reform Deputy Collector and Additional Collector were bringing this from the districts. The common people also demanded that in all old cases, the facility of online application should be given to all people. This arrangement has been made in view of this. It is expected that now people will benefit from the facility of online application in rejected cases of mutation sitting at home even in old cases.

Time Barrier was also removed

recently when this service started If it was done, a provision was made to appeal online in cases after 2006. The Land Reform Deputy Collector has the right to take a decision by hearing the situation of rejecting the mutation by the Zonal Officer. A few days after the entire process of mutation, the department also made the mutation appeal online. At that time, the time barrier of 2006-07 was removed after seeing the convenience of common people.

There was an increased concern due to increasing cases of rejection

New figures are noticed If we do, so far more than one crore filing cases have been filed online, out of which about one -third have been canceled by the zone officials for various reasons. Concerned with the increasing cases of rejection, the department has implemented FIFO in Zonal offices across Bihar from March 1 and amended the time limit already running in applying for rejected cases.

from online There is a provision to file an appeal in the DCLR court within 30 days if the cases received in the Zonal Office are rejected within 30 days within 30 days. But in case of proper reason, DCLR has the right to approve the application by extending this one month’s deadline. Such application received by online method is to be executed within a fixed time limit of 30 days after hearing.

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