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On page SEO check online best 1 for individual pages

So you want to on page SEO check online for individual pages using some tools? then you are at the right place.

Note: This is the good beginning for SEO, if you haven’t started SEO optimization on your website.

There is a tool to check on page SEO for every individual pages or articles on your website or your competitor website.

Steps to on page SEO check online:

on page seo check online

On page SEO check online (step by step tutorial):

Go to https://app.neilpatel.com/en/seo_analyzer/site_audit (This is a tool of Neil Patel, tool is called Ubersuggest.)

Ubersuggest Online Tool

Enter the URL of your page. Well! it will take only your root domain name but don’t care about it. It will check all the pages your website have.

searching website in ubersuggest

As you are seeing the result I’ve of organic keyword if you want to read about keyword research click here – Keyword Research

After seeing result like above picture scroll down. You will see all the on page issues on all individual pages your website have.

on page issues in my website

As you can see on page issues of my website is shown in result.

  • 4 pages have low word count which impact on SEO a lot and difficulty is medium
  • 1 pages with no meta description which impact SEO medium and difficulty is medium
  • 1 pages with a title tag that is too long which impact SEO medium and difficulty is easy

Note: Which impact a lot (High) your SEO, it is very necessary to fix that. There’s impact means bad impact.

There are 3 types of issues are found on my website’s pages. Yes you can see which individual pages have these issues.

I’m going to click on the first issue what’s “4 pages have low word count”.

Issues with low word count

Here we go! we found the individual pages, which have issue of low word count.

  • The first individual page have 81 words only
  • The second individual page have 54 words only
  • The third one (which is root web page) have only 83 words (It’s very important to improve your homepage’s on page SEO.)
  • And the fourth one have 66 words only

You may have question, how much at least word should have be in an article right? The answer is 600 words at least your article should have to get a good SEO impact.

If you want to see all the on page SEO check list then scroll down.

It was very easy, right! Yes we can now fix one by one our pages.

Ubersuggest (which one tool I’ve used) is free 3 daily searches for free without any subscription. And I think it is enough for us to use. Because you will not write more than 3 article in a day.

On Page SEO small checklist

  1. Your page should have keywords related to your content. To see how to do keyword research open the link.
  2. Write the title which contains your keyword. Title should have minimum 30 characters and maximum 60 characters.
  3. Write the description which also contains your keyword. And description should have 50 character to 160 characters.
  4. Your content should have at least 600 words.
  5. Content should have some images or videos.
  6. Images should have an alt attribute.
  7. One Image should have alt attribute with your main keyword.
  8. You page should be fast to load.
  9. Your page should have at least h1 or you should use multiple heading. H1 should be 20 – 70 characters.
  10. Page should be responsive (mobile-friendly).

Important Note: Please see carefully the all the SEO checklists, sometimes I’ve said limit in characters and sometimes in words.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Add one external and one internal link to your content.

Thanks for reading. Comment down if you have any question.

On page SEO check online best 1 for individual pages

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