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Best look of an animal.

Robert E. Kelly was live with the BBC via Skype from his home when his toddler Marion strutted into the room, crashing the interview. The father’s attempt to continue the interview was funny, but his wife, Kim Jung-A, hysterically trying to wrangle the couple’s children were true internet gold. Oh, what a laugh we shared!

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Which one is the best social network? For finding people, making new friends, uploading videos or photos or files, updating status. There is the comparison between some great social networks.

What can you do?

Other Social Networks: You can update status, upload photos, upload videos, create a page, find people and make friends with a limitation and now enough.

What you can't do?

Other Social Networks:

  • You can't write a blog.
  • You can make friends with a limitation.
  • You can't start a discussion.
  • You can upload your videos just on your timeline.
  • You can upload your photos just on your timeline.
  • You can upload your files just on your timeline.
  • You can't post blogs.
  • You can't start the discussion only the comment box can be used like as discussion.

Other Social Networks:

Other social networks have many of the social networks have lacked feature.

So Where to go, which one is the best Social Network with a lacked feature?

PublicApp, A Next Generation Social Network:

What is PublicApp and Why is this a next-generation social network?

PublicApp is the social network without any lacked feature. PublicApp is a next-generation social network because now people want everything unlimited no limitation. PublicApp is the one thing or one place to do everything. Before PublicApp, for making new friends you had to another website, for sharing videos you had to go to another website, for sharing files you had to go to another website and many more places, for posting blogs you had to go to another website, for uploading photos you had to go to another website, for posting polls you had to go to another website. How can anyone browse these websites at a time? You lose your precious time. 

But Now everything at one place, With PublicApp you can do everything from one place, from one application. You don't need to go to every place. This is very easy for you.

Features of PublicApp:

  • Connecting People - Find friends, family or make new people share your status with them. There's no limitation on making friends that's mean you can make.
  • Timeline - Every people can update status on his/her timeline. You can update status with text or upload photo or video to your timeline with the privacy options.
  • Blogs - Post your blogs, read posted blogs. Every blog can be found on your timeline and in Blogs directory of PublicApp.
  • Organization - Create your organization profile and promote your organization. You can create unlimited Organization profile.
  • Groups - You can create groups of people and there's also no limitation for creating the group of people.
  • Discussion - You can start the discussion with anyone on any subject. You can join any discussion.
  • Albums - You can upload your albums and photos that will show to PublicApp's Albums directory not only on your timeline. You can browse other's album and you can see top photos of PublicApp.
  • Videos - You can upload your videos and videos will show at PublicApp's videos directory not only on your timeline. You can browse other's videos and top videos of PublicApp.
  • Files - You can upload or download files like as on another website. It will also show directly in PublicApp's Files directory.
  • Polls - You can start polls with your option of voting for anything. Every poll can be found at PublicApp's polls directory
  • More - You can do more with PublicApp. You can find new things of PublicApp.

You can create unlimited profiles or organization with an account. It's very easier to create a new account at PublicApp, you just need your email for verification. To create a new account just fill Full Name, Email, and Password, your account will ready.

And one more thing PublicApp's Android App's size is just about 2.4 MB. You can download it easily.

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It has often been said that the teenage years are the "best years of your life". However, anyone who says that does not remember what it is like being a teenager. Between school, life, parents, friends, and the fact that all of them want all of your time, there is no way to get away from the petty concerns and strains that can lead to serious stress. However, nobody seems willing to give up any of the time they demand from you, so you find yourself torn in a thousand different directions with nowhere to turn to for help. Fortunately, you do not need to deal with stress all on your own. Rather, you can find plenty of help, just as long as you look for it. Unfortunately, teenagers rarely look for help and many of the assets available to them are simply ignored. Thus, your teen stress keeps getting worse.

The first place to look for relief from teen stress is at school. There is a certain class of people who desperately want to help teens get through their problems and find solutions, but they usually sit in their offices waiting in vain for someone to talk to them. These people are guidance counselors and they are there to help you. However, it is very rare for someone to avail themselves of this prime opportunity for assistance, so actually sitting down with somebody is a treat for them and they will do all they can to help. True, most people think that guidance counselors are really just lost souls who can't seem to get out of school, but that is not the case. Guidance counselors decided on their career because they want to help others. Which means that they want to help you.

As well, you can get help for teen stress through your teachers. True, most of the help you get will probably be for your work in the classroom but, strange as it may seem, teachers are actually human beings. They want to connect with their students so that, when you go to see them, they will be happy to help you. If you go to them in order to get help with your schoolwork, they will happily give you assistance. They can help you through any issues or difficulties that you may be having and you will learn more from them after class than you will during class. Such one-on-one sessions can help them narrow down issues in a way that they cannot while they are lecturing to a room full of students.

Additionally, once you sit down with your teachers, you may actually discover that you enjoy talking to them. After all, to repeat a point, they are people. And because they spend so much time in the company of teenagers, they understand teen stress. However, they also understand it from a philosophical perspective that can breathe some fresh air into the problems that you are confronting. Though you may not always enjoy the answers they can provide, they will be worth thinking about and, in the fullness of time, you will probably discover that they provided a very good insight into your problems.

Another excellent source of teen stress is with your parents. This is because of a simple fact that you may not want to accept. This is the simple fact that parents tend to have children who are very similar to them. No, it's really not pleasant to think about, since that means that you may turn out to be like your parents. But, let us put that aside for now.

Your parents were once your age (strange as that may seem) and teens often have to go through very similar problems. Thus, your parents have felt teen stress and they know what it is like. Sure, they may not want to admit that it was anything special, but they will, hopefully, remember that it was not easy at the time. So if you really need to get some sort of advice or help, sit down and talk to your parents. Not only will you get some sort of help, but you will also make their day. After all, how many parents get the chance to really connect with their teenage children?

Teen stress is one of the hardest things to get through, but you can rest assured that it has been done. Billions of people in the world have all had to go through the travails of the teenage years and they have through to the other side. So prepare yourself, get help when you need it, and look for help when you can. By relying on people who have "been there, done that" you can see your way clear to the other side. Then, you can safely look back on your teen stress and say stupid things like, "the teenage years are the best years of your life!"

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