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So, I decided to share old photographs I have taken here, when I used to work as a professional photographer in my years of my twenties.     This is the first post.

Mentryville, California -

Home to where oil was first discovered, and drilled successfully in the United States.   It became home to the longest running, highest producing oil well-head in the world, and ceased production in the 1990's.  It's name was Shell #2.  This wellhead gave way to the production of the Standard Oil company, and later Shell Gasoline.    Quite the history there.

This wagonwheel was left over in the small abandoned town of Mentryville, California, and I went to visit several times.  and on this occasion, took this photograph.  The wagon wheel was used as part of equipment to transport oil drilling equipment around that was too heavy for men to lift and carry. 

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