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Parents in Kanpur countryside, 3 children burnt to death, VIDEO: Fire in the hut late at night; Dada said- My family is over in 5 minutes

Parents and three children died alive due to fire in a hut in Kanpur countryside. 5 people of the family of 7 people were sleeping inside the hut, when the hut caught fire. Due to the falling thatch, people from outside could not enter inside to save them.

The fire brigade reached the spot and the fire was burnt by the five people and the entire family. The station in-charge, CO and SP reached the spot late at night and after investigation, the bodies were sent for postmortem. The incident is of a large settlement of Banjars in Haramau village of Rura police station area.

The people of the short circuit feared that the people of the hut are on fire due to the short circuit. When everyone was sleeping at night, there was a short circuit and the hut caught fire. At the same time, the police is also giving the same reason for the fire.

Hundreds of families live in the hut in Banjara Dera. Hundreds of families live in a hut in the dera. In this camp, Prakash lives in a hut with his wife Resham, son Satish, daughter -in -law Kajal and two grandson, a granddaughter. Prakash and Satish used to work as laborers. Yesterday too, he returned home after working as usual. Eat food with wife, daughter -in -law and children at home. After this, the whole family went to sleep inside the hut.

was sleeping outside the hut. The elderly couple had slept light and wife silk by putting a cot on the door outside the door. When the fire broke out from the hut late at night, only the parents woke up. Seeing the flames, there was a hurry in the village. But by the time the people of the camp tried to extinguish the fire, the five lives were over by the fall. The fire that rose from a corner engulfed the entire hut in a minute. The child’s voice was heard … Save the father. Could not enter through the main door due to the fire. Tried to remove the family from the other side. But, could not remove. My whole family ended in five minutes. I do not know how the fire started. ‘

The high flames of the fire were scared to see the flames

According to the eyewitness Shripal, “Midnight, there was a hurry. 8 is at a distance of the fields. Hearing the noise, I went to the spot. There was a completely fire in the hut. High flames were rising. The silk was shouting while slamming the hut. Thi. There was a thatch near the door, first the fire grew from the door, after that the entire hut was engulfed. When the thatch fell, everyone got trapped. “

he told that he told that from the village only yesterday One procession went to another village. Most of the people of the village also left in the procession. Because of this, the fire could not be extinguished. Water was also less in the village, the fire could not be controlled due to lack of water. There was a fire in the hut. In the accident, three children Sunny (6), Sandeep (5), doll (3) along with couple Satish (30) and Kajal (26) were burnt to death. Hearing the screams, the people of the township ran and tried to control the fire by pouring water from the bucket. However, by then the five died by burning. The deceased Satish’s mother was seriously scorched in extinguishing the fire. The fire brigade, who arrived on the information, managed to control the fire. ‘

Police said that the seriously scorched woman has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment. How the fire started in the hut is being investigated. If anything suspect is found during the investigation, the accused will not be released.

Forensic, dog squad and police investigation will be involved in the police, along with the forensic team, dog squad and police officers arrived to investigate on the spot. . The forensic team gathered several important evidence from the spot. Inquiry from the people present in the township and statements have also been recorded.

DM Neha Jain also reached the spot after getting the information about the incident. He told, ‘Parents and three children have been burnt alive due to fire in the hut. According to preliminary information, the fire is coming out of the short circuit. At present, this is a matter of investigation. In this, all possible financial assistance will be provided to the families of the deceased. ‘

CM Yogi has expressed grief over the accident. The CM has given instructions to provide correct treatment to the injured. Along with this, the injured have also wished to recover early.

Amitesh Kumar

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