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Planning for Umesh’s murder was made on 11 February: 2 hours of henchman from mafia’s brother Ashraf in Bareilly Central Jail, DIG jail will soon report report

Planning to kill the famous Umesh Pal of Prayagraj was made in Bareilly Central Jail on 11 February. This has been revealed in the prison CCTV footage and interrogation after the arrest of the accused. Bhai Ashraf, former MLA of Bahubali Atik Ahmed in Bareilly Central Jail, has been closed for the last two and a half years.

On 11 February, the operatives met Ashraf in Bareilly Jail. 13 days after this meeting in jail, ie on February 24, Umesh Pal was shot dead and bombing under police security in Prayagraj. Atik Ahmed and his brother Ashraf are also accused in this murder case in the Raju Pal murder case Umesh Pal. There is a long list. So far, the police, Bareilly Jail soldier Shivhari Awasthi, has been sent to jail. Police and officer Atik Ahmed’s former MLA Bhai Ashraf has also been questioned.

Jail soldier Shivhari Awasthi, Dayaram alias Nanhe, Rashid and Furqan, who deliver fruits and vegetables in the canteen, have been arrested. Both Rashid and Furkan used to meet Atik Ahmed’s brother Ashraf in jail without slip and ID. During interrogation, it was found that no one stopped from the gate of the jail to the inside. Other names are also included in the meeting. On February 11, seven people met Ashraf in Bareilly Jail on an ID. This ID turned out to be fake. Where the accused used Atik’s son Asad’s fake ID.

2 hours of meeting in jail, the cameras of murder in Prayagraj have found evidence of all these things. In this, Jail officials and employees used to mix illegally with the help of Ashraf’s brother -in -law Saddam and Lallagddi. Atik’s brother Ashraf, who was lodged in Gujarat jail, also met second. Ashraf is also named accused in the Umeshpal murder case.

DM and DIG raided February 27 after the Umeshpal murder case. DM Shivakant Dwivedi and DIG Akhilesh Chaurasia conducted a barrack check. Investigation revealed that IDs and slips were met in jail. In jail, they used to meet separately for this. It has been detected only in cameras. The SIT is investigating this. The mobile of the accused caught in Prayagraj revealed that WhatsApp calls were made from Bareilly Jail, after which raid in Bareilly Jail. RN Pandey raided Bareilly Jail on Saturday. Where the statements of employees and officers were recorded. A case was registered on 6 March at Bithri Chainpur police station in Bareilly. It includes jail officer, Atiq’s brother Ashraf, Ashraf’s brother -in -law Saddam, Jail soldier Shivhari, Lallagiddi and others. U Muta money would have been taken in lieu of meeting. DIG Jail will soon report to the government in the whole case.

Amitesh Kumar

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