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Police increased the section of gang rape in the cruelty from the teenager: The poor had drank alcohol earlier, stayed in the forest for two hours; Was dragged by tying a dupatta around the neck

Police has sent two accused to jail in the jungle of 15 -year -old teenager in the forest of Sikandra area of Agra police station. The police have now increased the section of gang rape after questioning the accused. The invoices of the accused have been in gang rape, attempt to murder and Poxo Act.

Police arrested Ganesh and Fatehpur Sikri resident Santosh and sent him to jail on charges of cruelty from the teenager. It has been revealed in the police investigation that both the accused are equally guilty in this act. Due to this, the police have sent the accused Ganesh and Santosh to jail under Section 376D (A) of gang rape from the minor. On the victim’s father’s tahrir, the police on Thursday filed an indictment against the unknown in Section 376 (3), 308 and 34 Poxo Act. Told that he had bought a bottle of liquor while leaving the village. He then drank alcohol in Sikandra area. Police investigation revealed that Ganesh and Santosh stayed for about two hours where the teenager was found to be bruised. Evidence has also been found from surveillance. Prior to the incident, accused Ganesh had talked to the teenager on the phone several times. The teenager did not have her own phone, for this Ganesh also bought a SIM and mobile from the way.

Both the accused went to the teenager’s village on the bike on the day of the incident by tying a dupatta around the neck. He also had breakfast with a teenager in a restaurant in Runakta. After this, in the evening he went to the forest with the teenager. There was a cruelty with him. He hit his head with a stone. His throat was also pressed. When she felt that she had died, her dupatta was tied around the neck and dragged her into the forest for about 200 meters. The girl was about 4 km from the village. The forest is the forest in several kilometers area. There are touched bushes in the forest. The girl was half unconscious in the bush, about 10 feet from the road passing through the forest. The village watchman returning by doing duty heard someone’s groan. When he looked here and there, there was a stir in the bush. When he went near, he saw a blood -soaked girl. The watchman immediately covered the towel. After this, he was taken out of the bush. The girl was trembling. There was bleeding from many parts of his body.

When the team was going to the village of the girl about 200 meters, many people met on the way. Three of these youths were those who were present on the spot at that time. They took us to the forest. First of all, he showed the place where the girl was found. From there, they took us in from the middle of the shrubs. Going inside 100 meters, he showed the place in the dense forest where the woman had blood.

it is believed that those who had shrunk the woman there were left and left. Blood had accumulated only after fainting there. He said that the woman also vomited there. After this, he took forward with the mark of bringing the woman to the sliding. There was a bush about 50 meters from there. He told that the girl’s dupatta was stuck in the bush here. The girl’s slippers were found lying some distance from here. About 200 meters of dragging marks were seen in the forest.

there were thorns everywhere in the Kantzangal, there were thorns everywhere. Due to dragging the girl on the ground, her face and body were thorned. It is said that blood was coming out of his body due to thorns. He was also stoned in his head. Apart from this, there were also marks on the throat. Considering the woman who was dead, he was thrown there. Everyone was shocked by the incident. He said that this kind of incident has never happened before. Anyone who is of humanity should be punished strictly.

Amitesh Kumar

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