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Politician from Beauty Queen, now dreams of becoming gangsters: Husband’s charge- AK-47 and photo with INSAS are viral

BJP leader Shweta Jha, who has contested the election of Mayor from Patna, won the beauty competition of Mrs. India in the year 2021, but now she wants to become a gangster. This claim is made by Shweta’s husband Chandan Kumar Jha. She alleges that she is leaving her and living with boyfriend Abhishek Yadav. Abhishek is also threatening to kill Chandan.

Chandan was married to Shweta Jha 15 years ago. Shweta came into the discussion recently when she made a reel with government gypsy and pistol in her hand. His photos with AK-47 and Inas went viral. After this, the Economic Offenses of Offenses (EOU) called Shweta Jha for questioning on 28 February.

AK-47 and INSAS took AK-47 and three with AK-47 and INSAS rifle with three with three The photos are viral. In this, she is targeting, while in a photo, she is posing with weapons in her hands. When an investigation was done, it was found that all the photos belong to a government guest house. But when is the photo done? The answer to this question has not been found yet.

Husband said- Want to become a criminal, the family of Shishweta Jha lives in Bhagwat Nagar area of Agamkuan police station in Patna. Shweta’s husband Chandan told that Shweta wants to become a criminal after losing the election of the post of mayor. He has made it his objective.

Chandan told that after losing the election, Shweta had mentioned this to her. For this, she was also making pressure to get weapons repeatedly. Where did he take the photo with AK-47 and INSAS and when is she done? I do not even know about this.

Wife’s boyfriend Abhishek’s threat of life claimed that he was in danger of life from wife Shweta and Abhishek Yadav. The two together also assaulted him a few days ago. Abhishek had also threatened to kill Chandan.

In this case he has also complained to the SSP and Agamkuan police station in Patna. The police is talking about investigating the case.

8 months of friendship ruined all Diashweta’s husband Chandan is an electrical engineer by profession. They say that their family life was going well. He also has a 13 -year -old daughter. Daughter is living with Shweta. About 8 months ago, in Patna, his wife Shweta Jha was befriended by Municipal Corporation contractor Abhishek Yadav. After this, Shweta forgot the 15 -year marriage.

Shweta has not come home for the last 15 days. That too since she made a reel with Abhishek’s licensed pistol.

Skeptetia Jha describes herself as a member of the BJP’s working committee even when he is a BJP leader. But BJP state spokesperson Arvind Singh says that we do not know Shweta Jha. There is no woman of this name in the BJP.

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BJP leader stuck with government gypsy and pistol with reel: Former Mayor of Patna from Shweta Jha EOU will inquire; The video was put on Insta

BJP’s state working committee’s female leader and former Mayor candidate of Patna Shweta Jha will be questioned today. These have been called by the Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) to its office. Shweta shared a reel on her Instagram with a pistol a few days ago. In this reel she is seen with a pistol. Eou has asked him to come to the office with a pistol.

Shweta has been asked to bring her license along with the pistol. EOU has prepared a full list of questions to interrogate Shweta Jha. Click here to read the full report

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