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Question on the university with samadhi: Student leaders said – Minister’s son Topper is coming, whom he wants to fail, is a game of corruption

Many leaders, including the students’ union president, protested by pressing half the body in the soil due to corruption in Raj Rishi Bhartrihari Matsya University and not regular classes. Student leaders said clearly that they take money and give numbers in answer books. Whatever they want, they pass. All this has been proved in RTI’s information. Recently, in the MA result, Cabinet Minister Shakuntala Rawat’s son was made a topper. The BA Honors failed in the first year. There is no regular classes. All of them were protested. Which has been going on for several days. On the day of Holi, the opposition of student leaders was going on here.

Student leaders said- whoever wants to fail

Vishnu Chavda said that corruption in the university is at its peak. Whom you want to fail, the topper. Copies are tested on contract. The sons of the leaders want to suppress the scams by bringing toppers. Gold Madallist’s answer books should be inserted online. So that the general public finds out how the toppers come. At the same time, the son of industry minister fails in BA first year and Gold Madallists come to MA. This is a matter of investigation in you.

the former president said that the number

former president of the university Sumant Chavda said that there has been a big disturbance in the answerbooks received from RTI. They take money and give numbers in answer books. Put some back. The first zero number came. Then the answer book was re -examined and 18 numbers came. When the copy of RTI was received, it was found 28 numbers in it. This is all a mess. Copies are investigated on contract. All this is fraud. The presence of the teacher appears. The campus class is not regular, till then there will be protest. Answer books have zero number and if a copy comes from RTI, then 28 numbers are found. What is this corruption? The investigation should be done. Many university students were present in this protest.

Amitesh Kumar

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