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Ramlila staging in Bareilly – VIDEO: August Muni presented such weapons to Shri Ram who will work in war with Ravana

Guru Vyas Muneshwar ji was described in Brahmapuri Ramlila running in Bareilly that Lord Shri Ram got 14 years of exile. In which he spent a few years earlier in Chitrakoot. Satna near Chitrakoot which is now in Madhya Pradesh. Atri was the ashram of Atri Rishi located there. Maharishi Atri used to live in this tapovan of Chitrakoot with wife Anusiya. After this, Rama spent the time in the forests of Dandakaranya. Shri Ram was roaming around in the forests of Dandakaranya for 10 consecutive years and killing the terrorist demons and meeting with sages and getting various disciplines and weapons.

One day Ram Lakshmana reached the ashram of the great sage Agastya Muni. Who had received many divine powers from their tapobal. He had many such divine weapons and weapons who were helpful in destroying the enemy. Agastya Muni could see the purpose and future of God to be born on this earth with his divine power, so he also knew that in future Lord Shri Ram’s demon would be a fierce war with King Ravana.

Therefore He presented some weapons to Shri Ram who came to work with Ravana in his war, after which Ramji was asked to reside in Panchwati. In Panchwati, Khar Kharna, who was the half -brothers of Ravana, used to lead the demons of Ravana across the sea. His kingdom was spread over the forests of Dandakaranya.

One day Ravana’s sister Surpanakha saw Ram Laxman in this forest and he proposed marriage in front of the two brothers, which both of them turned down. Due to this, he attacked Mother Sita. Due to which, Laxman cut off his nose. She then went to her brother Khar and Dushan, after crying, after which Rama was killed by Ram. Jatayu salvation and Lanka Dahan’s Leela will be staged. It is here that artificial Lanka is made at the Chowk in Brahmapuri. His combustion by Hanumanji is very interesting. Chairman Sarvesh Rastogi said that his worship and yatra was completed with the cooperation of everyone at Agastya Muni Ashram in Agastya Muni Ashram in Chhoti Brahmapuri. At the same time, people enjoyed the burning of khar and corruption effigies, especially children. Other guests include Anshu Saxena, Mahesh Pandit, Pankaj Mishra, Raju Mishra, Rajkumar Gupta, Lavalin Kapoor, Naveen Sharma, Vivek Sharma, Gaurav Saxena, Dinesh Dadda, Akhilesh Aggarwal, Pandit Suresh Katiha, Satyendra Pandey, Mahiwal Rastogi, Neeraj Rastogi, Pandit Vinod Sharma, Anmol Rastogi, Sunil Rastogi, Ajit Rastogi, Shivam Rastogi, Bunty Rastogi, Anil Kumar Saini, Suresh Rastogi were present.

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