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Rohit Shetty’s 49th Birthday: In 8 years, gave 7 consecutive blockbuster films, never even the money to pay the house

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has turned 49 today. Rohit Shetty’s films were also a hit at the box office when Bollywood films were not making anything special at the box office. Rohit, who made films like ‘Suryavanshi’, ‘Simba’, ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Singham’ and ‘Golmaal Again’, has readymade success recipe. There was no money to give

Rohit is the son of legendary fight master MB Shetty. People also know them by the name of fighter Shetty. Rohit had decided in childhood that he would join the film industry. He wanted to be like his father. His father died when he was 11 years old. It was difficult to pay the house without money, due to which he had to stay at his grandmother’s house. Rohit’s mother started working as a junior artist at Matraj Studio in Andheri film Hub to run the house.

Rohit said in media interview- My father said- among the most successful actor-director of his time There were one. Papa’s departure was a big culture shock for me. I have never missed anything. I had seen honor, wealth and fame, but suddenly everything was over.

35 rupees were the first earnings, walking to the set of the film

Rohit Shetty in media interview Told – People feel that I am from the film industry, so it is easy for me to work in films. I have taken many difficult decisions. Sometimes the most difficult decision was to choose one between eating and working. Earlier we used to live in Santa Cruise, then Dahisar shifted. I lived with my grandmother there.

I have remembered the way because of walking a long way every day. Now when I ever go to that side, I myself tell the driver the way.

In an interview, Rohit recalled the difficulties in the early days that his first salary was just 35 rupees. Rohit used to walk for about two hours in summer to reach the set of the film. Rohit first worked as an assistant director for the film ‘Phool Aur Kant’ with Kuku Kohli at the age of 15. In an interview, Rohit said- I do not want any child to leave studies and work. Education is most important, but sometimes our situations are difficult. Whenever I watch films like ‘3 Idiots’ or ‘Rang De Basanti’, I think I will never be able to make such films because I am not very educated.

Any production house is Rohit’s Rohit The film was not ready to sign

Ajay Devgan was making her debut with the film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’. Rohit and Ajay Devgan’s friendship took place on the set of this film. Ajay is also the son of action director Veeru Devgan. On the set of this film, Rohit also met Veeru Devgan for the first time who was choreography of the film’s stunt. Was started. Rohit Shetty worked as an assistant director. ‘Raju Chacha’ was a big budget film, but this film did not work much. Ajay Devgan suffered a lot. Ajay and Rohit had to close the production house for two years. He directed together in ‘Zameen’ after returning all the debt. The worst was the time. Rohit began working on Golmaal’s script. Even after the work was completed, no actor was willing to work in the film. No production house also signed Rohit’s contract. Rohit’s fate changed after the release of Golmaal in 2006. Filmmaker Neeraj Vora told Rohit a play named Aflatoon. Rohit wanted to convert this play into a film. During that time, Dhilin Mehta’s production company named Sri Ashtavinayak Cine Vision signed Rohit Shetty and Imtiaz Ali.

The release of Golmaal film added comedy franchise with Rohit’s name. The humor used in this film could also be enjoyed with the family audience.

Somebody gave seven consecutive hits for the first time since the 80s

Manmohan Desai After the director Rohit Shetty is the first director to have seven consecutive films. Because of this, Rohit is also called the President of the box office. Director Shyam Benegal said in Khalid Muhammad documentary that Rohit Shetty has his own film school. Nobody can make films like him.

My audience is my success mantra

Rohit shared his success mantra and said – We are not Hollywood. We understand that the middle class family wants to laugh by watching films. My critics go to large coffeehouses, watch news and interact with the world. But, this is not my audience. You go out 100 kilometers from Mumbai, the world will change. He is my audience. My Struggle explained to me what does the middle class family want to see in films.

Rohit wanted to make a comedy film after Suryavanshi’s success. After Ajay Devgan ‘Starr Golmaal Again’, Rohit did not make any comedy movie. After Golmaal Again’s success, Rohit paid attention to the wrath and action films.

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