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Russia claims- Ukrainian Bio-Lab is funding US: Putin’s Ministry of Defense said- poisonous weapons are being made, we have evidence

Russia says that America is funding the biochemical lab in Ukraine. Russia has been claiming that biological and chemical weapons are being prepared in Ukraine since the Russia-Ukraine war began. For this, the US is operating several labs there.

The US government also accepted this but many official statements said that these labs have been de-activated. Releasing the report on this, Russia’s Defense Ministry said-Despite talking about de-activation, many American labs are still operating in Ukraine. On March 10, a report was presented on Washington’s International Pathojin Research Program in Moscow. Lieutenant General Igor Kirilov, Commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, said- Dangerous pathogen is being used in these US-run labs. We have received some documents from which it is clear that America and Ukraine are working together in bio-labs.

He said- Both countries are working in military biological fields. This includes transfer of pathogenic biomaterials. Lieutenant General Kirilov warned that research in US and Ukraine Lab can be used against Russia. These dangerous pathogens used in the lab can cause diseases like colla (cholera). This may increase the risk of many types of flu.

Russian diplomat alleged- 30 Bio Weapon Program running Ukraine, one month after the war started in 24 February 2022, Russian Diplomat Vejali Nebenjaya alleged that About 30 Bio Weapon Program is running with the help of Ukraine America. Ukraine is plotting to spread the disease in Russia through bats and other migratory birds. Russia also convened a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the issue.

Know what happens to use chemical and biological vappercamical weapon means to use toxic chemical and poison. People are killed by giving them water supply, air and food. At the same time, biological weapon means killing people with the help of natural sources like bacteria and viruses.

They also have an impact on many generations to come. Because of which children are born physically and mentally crippled. Both weapons kill people and kill.

In 1937, the Mongolian army threw the bodies infected with the plague on the side of the black-C. This was the first example of the use of biological weapon. So far 17 countries including Germany, America, Russia and China have made biological weapons. China has been accused of using Corona as a biological weapon.

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