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Saraf’s son arrested for stunting stunts by car: Dangerous stunts were sitting on the bonnet of luxury car, car also seized

In Moradabad, even after imposing lakhs of police strictness and heavy fine, the stunting videos are constantly coming out. After several videos of stunting surfaced in the new Moradabad, a video of Mahmudpur Mafi, a village adjacent to Sambhal Road, is going viral on social media. It is going viral on media. In which a young man is seen stunting dangerous with a luxury car.

Police investigation has revealed that the car of Saraf is driving. Top police officers had instructed the action of action as soon as they took cognizance of the viral video. The Mainather police have taken quick action and arrested the luxury car driver. At the same time, the luxury car has also been taken into the police station after taking action under the Motor Vehicles Act. Is done. A day earlier, the Mainather police seized a bike. In the video, the bike was running eleven -year -old student while his father was sitting behind.

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