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Saudi Arabia-Iran Agreement Inside Story: 3 years secret conversation continued in 2 countries; After all, why did the superpower America not get a clue

On February 10, a statement was issued by Iran at around 8 pm (according to Indian time). It said- There has been a diplomatic agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Beijing. The two countries will open dipmatic missions with each other.

This was shocking news for the world. The reason for this was that there has been a staunch enmity between the two countries. In the eyes of the world media, both countries were not even talking about any kind of conversation for 7 years. Then what happened that a sudden agreement was reached and they are also in Beijing?

This is the question that the world and especially America are searching. Why did the intelligence agencies of Superpower not get to know that China was ending American influence in the Gulf region. Let’s know ….

Seven years old series of stress

Amitesh Kumar

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