Selling tea across India: How an MBA dropout built his business empire with a tea stall

When the Madhya Pradesh-based 21-year-old Praful Billore boarded a train to Ahmedabad, his dream was to study at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. But when he could not pass the exams despite several attempts, only a relatively unknown MBA college was the only option left. That is when Praful decided that selling tea was a better alternative than join a college like that. And then he went on to built a Rs 3 crore empire.


While doing his graduation in commerce, he would earn over Rs 25k a month as an Amway salesman. Despite being a proactive salesman and bringing new members on board, Praful quit the job a year after when he realised it held no prospects. That is when an acquaintance told him about MBA and CAT (Common Admission Test) exams, and he decided to give it a shot.

The generous packages offered to MBA graduates was what attracted him, which prompted him to shift to Indore to prepare for CAT. Praful also did a six-month spoken English course in Dhar. But his marks were not enough for him to get admission to any of the prestigious colleges.

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