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Separate wards will be done for influenza: increased preparations in Prayagraj government hospitals, alert at CHC and PHC levels

Preparations have been intensified by the Health Department due to the increasing risk of influenza. Separate wards will be reserved for this in government hospitals. In view of the guide line issued by the central government, Prayagraj CMO Dr. Ashu Pandey has alerted the responsible officials and doctors posted at CHC and PHC including all government hospitals. For this, the required guide line has also been sent to all the hospitals. However, no cases of influenza have been reported in Prayagraj so far. The number of patients in the OPD of government hospitals has increased. Doctors are also paying special attention to patients in which any symptoms of influenza are getting. The central government’s guide line has arrived. We are preparing big hospitals in the city as priority. A separate ward will be reserved for the patient suffering from influenza at SRN Hospital, Bailey and Calvin. So that if the suspected patient also comes to influenza, then he can be admitted in this reserved ward and treated. Anyway, adequate modifications are available in hospitals only during Corona and Dengue epidemic. All the wards in Sarojini Naidu Children’s Hospital have become full. This is the reason that two to three children have been admitted on a bed in the emergency ward here. Is that he is not suffering from influenza. We are telling such patients for information related to the disease and prevention.

Amitesh Kumar

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