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Sher Singh Meena’s partner arrested in paper leak case: Ram Gopal is the companion of Sher Singh who sells paper for Rs 40 lakh to Saran

Udaipur police arrested an accused associated with Anil alias Sher Singh Meena, who sold the paper to Bhupendra Saran, the main accused in the senior teacher recruitment paper leak case, on Sunday night. Which will be produced in court on Monday. According to the police, accused Ram Gopal has been arrested.

This accused is being described as an associate of government school teacher Anil alias Sher Singh Meena. It will be questioned on remand, in which an attempt will be made to reach the accused hidden in the paper leak. The master mind of K is preparing to arrest Bhupendra Saran again on production warrant. On March 9, the court sent Saran to jail. In such a situation, the police is preparing for the production warrant to get him interrogated and to spew the secret. Let me tell you, earlier in the case, Vegpur UP Hall Gayatrinagar, Sanganer Jaipur resident Rajeevakumar son Late. Premlal Upadhyay was arrested. Bhupendra gave him a set of paper found on WhatsApp from Anilkumar alias Sher Singh Meena to distribute the set of paper. The search for teacher Anilkumar alias Sher Singh Meena is going on. For his arrest, the police have formed more than ten teams and sent them to their possible hideouts. Only after his catch will be revealed to make him the paper mahaiya.

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