Software Engineering Question Bank

1 Define IEEE standards for SRS.
2 Classify various models available in SDLC.
3 Identify the responsibilities of a Software Project Manager?
4 Define the Software process model.
5 Define Elicitation analysis.
6 Explain the Concept of Modularization.
7 Discuss the importance of ERD.
Demonstrate various phases of the Evolutionary development model with
a neat diagram.
10 Provide examples of Project Management tools.
11 Explain CASE tools with examples?
12 Define the Iterative enhancement model?
13 Define SRS?
14 illustrate the importance of a Feasibility Study with an example.
How can you measure Project execution? Support your answer with
an example.
16 IDENTIFY Functional Requirements of a project?
17 IDENTIFY Non-Functional Requirements of a project?
18 Distinguish between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
19 compare and contrast the difference between any two software
20 Predict which SDLC model is the best to choose for a Software
21 Describe the principles of design modeling.
22 Explain the drawback of the Iterative enhancement model in detail.
23 Explain the role of the decision table in detail.
24 Assess the need for UI(user interfaces) in software engineering.
25 Define the role of software engineering in the industry.
26 Describe the software development process in brief.
Questions Software Engineering
Unit 2
27 Discuss the use of function points for software estimation. Justify your
28 Distinguish between error and failure. Which of the two is detected
29 Explain why programs which are developed using evolutionary
30 Draw the complete DFD at least up to 2 levels for a library
31 Show using a small example, why it is practically impossible to
32 Explain the importance of review in software engineering.
33 Define an estimation of software development effort for organic
34 What is the Agile software development model?
35 What are software project estimation techniques available?
36 State the difference between Risk and Uncertainty.
37 Explain the types of reviews in software engineering.
38 In the context of modular software design, which of the combination
39 Explain in detail the following s/w process models with a neat
40 Draw the Context level DFD for the Ticket Booking on the railway.