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Speed boat included in Kanpur Boat Club: People will be able to enjoy thrill on the waves of Ganga by sitting in speed boat

In Kanpur Boat Club, boat is constantly increasing fleet. On Tuesday, 7 seater speed boats were included. On the first day, Commissioner Dr. Rajasekhar also inspected the Ganges by sitting in a boat and sitting in a speed boat. A motor boat, a speed motor boat and 2 water scooters were available for the exciting boat ride right now in the boat club. A jet ski, two water scooters and a motor boat are available. Now people will not have to wait. Adequate life jackets are also available for safety and employees have also been deployed. Secretary Neeraj Srivastava said that next week another very exciting boat is coming.

will be organized. Soon water sports activity like Kisting, Canoeing and Rowing will be started here. Water sports activity will be organized at the national level.

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