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Stray dogs made 2 brothers to Mardala in 2 days: Doctors who postmortem in Delhi said- many body parts separated

Two real brothers were killed by stray dogs in two days in the country’s capital Delhi. Doctors who postmortem the dead bodies of the children said that many parts of their body were almost separated.

Anand (7) and Aditya (7) and Aditya (7) and Aditya (7) and Aditya ( 5) are. Who lived in Sindhi camp in Vasant Kunj area in South Delhi. There are slums in the Sindhi camp area, which are built on the land of the forest department.

On March 10, the elder brother was attacked by the dogs on the elder brother to go to his Tai’s house at around 10 am on March 10 Was left, but even after a long time when he did not reach Tai’s house, the family started searching for him. Anand’s body was found lying in a plot at 5 pm. There were more than 20 marks of dog bites and scratching on his body.

On March 12, kill the younger brother, two days after that i.e. on the morning of March 12, Anand’s younger brother Aditya went to open defecation in the open. . Here dogs attacked him. Hearing the noise, the family members reached the spot, but by then the dogs had badly injured Aditya. Family members took him to the hospital for treatment, where doctors declared him dead.

Many parts of the body were separated. The Delhi Police has posted the bodies of the children, which has not yet reported. Postmortem doctors say that dogs have attacked children badly. Many parts of his body were almost separated.

MP said- Catching stray dogs responsible for MCD, Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri said- It is the responsibility of MCD to catch stray dogs. The AAP government is not doing its work. This is an unfortunate incident. If the BJP was in power of the Municipal Corporation, then such an incident has never happened.

BJP councilor Indrajit Sherawat from the area said- In a month I have complained many times in MCD to catch stray dogs from the area. , But this has not happened.

Know why the street dogs are man -eating are called human friendly. It is only after going crazy that they threaten humans. Dainik Bhaskar created a panel of experts to know the story of Street Dog becoming man -eating in Begusarai. This included volunteers working on dogs with doctors and animal researchers. Experts blamed the negligence in the disposal of animal and human body with the geographical location of that area of Begusarai. Do not bite. After going mad, he starts fear. He feels a great threat from humans and animals. Due to this, anyone falls in front, they take it. Saliva always drips from the mouths of such dogs, the eyes turn red. They always move, they are not able to remain stable. When dogs eat the flesh or blood of animals and humans, then they cut people only to eat meat. They do not cut and leave like crazy dogs, but for the purpose of eating more and more meat. The mad dogs do not live in a herd, the dreaded and man -eaters always attack in the herd. They kill humans and eat meat together in the herd.

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