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Student committed suicide in IIT Madras: Second case of student suicide in campus in a month, institute formed an inquiry committee

Bentac third year student named Pushpak committed suicide in the hostel on Tuesday in IIT madras. He was a resident of Andhra Pradesh. Let me tell you that this is the second case of this campus suicide in the last one month.

the institute expressed grief over this incident and issued a statement saying that the students who committed suicide have informed the parents of the suicide. At such a time, the privacy of Marakat and his family should be taken care of. We are with Martak’s friends and his family. The institute has formed a committee for investigation that will find out the reason for the suicide of the student.

The Institute, the post -Covid situation, the challenging -independent said that the situation has become challenging after Kovid, which we students, Trying to make it better for faculty and staff. According to the information, the police is also investigating the case. The dead body has been sent for postmortem.

Another student committed suicide on 14 February. On February 14, 24 -year -old Stephen Sunny named Stephen Sunny committed suicide in this campus. He was a student of electrical engineering and was found hanging in his room on campus. According to reports, the police got a note from him, on which Don’t was written (not sued). CJI pain on the suicide of students: said- I do not know where our institutions are making mistakes; Thinking about parents, the heart hurts

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud has shared his pain over the increasing incidence of suicide of students in IIT institutions. He said, ‘Thinking about these events is worried. When I think about the parents of those children, the heart hurts. Let me tell you, on February 12, IIT was suicide by Darshan Solanki, the first year student of Gujarat in Bombay. Read the full news …

IIT students jumped from the seventh floor in Mumbai, death: First semester exam ended a day earlier, Dalit organization accused of caste discrimination

IIT In Mumbai, a student named 18 -year -old Darshan Solanki committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of the hostel on the campus at 11:30 am on Sunday. He was a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Three months ago, he was admitted for B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) studies in IIT. Darshan lived on the eighth floor of the 16B hostel. According to reports, the first semester examination of Darshan was over on Saturday. Read full news …

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